16GB of RAM in PCs Becomes the New Norm Thanks to AI

According to a statement by Microsoft, the corporation now recommends that computers engaging with the artificial intelligence assistant, Copilot, be equipped with a minimum of 16 Gigabytes of Ram, says TrendForce. This will encourage active PC users to upgrade their systems, as current users are getting by with half this amount.

Rethinking Current Standards

PC Gamer suggests that 8 Gigabytes of memory has long been seen as the sensible minimum for a PC’s operational memory, especially for addressing office tasks. It’s players and gaming enthusiasts that rely on 16 Gigabytes as the minimal rational mark. That being said, while working with basic applications like a browser with multiple tabs, the limitations of computing power with 8 Gigabytes of Ram can quickly become apparent.

Affordable Upgrade

The current costs of DDR4 and DDR5 memory modules are not particularly high, which makes the transition from 8 to 16 Gigabytes of Ram technically possible with moderate expenses. However, not all laptops support the upgrade, which means users may need to consider replacing their devices altogether.

Increased Demand for Ram

The proliferation of processors with artificial intelligence acceleration capabilities will begin this year. The possibility of increased minimum Ram requirements should be taken into account, especially while DRAM chip prices remain relatively low. As TrendForce analysts observe, the direct integration of LPDDR5x type memory in the processor or motherboard will become increasingly common, which means upgrading the Ram independently might not be an option in the future.

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