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Is the HP Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Compatible with the 63xx or not? I wish to purchase the BT Stereo Headphones for my h 6315, but have read in Pocket pc Mag that the headphones are not compatible with the device. Furthermore I looked at the package of the headphones and the h6315 is listed as a compatible device. Can anyone let me know if the HP BT Stereo Headphones work with the h6315? Thanks in advance for your help.


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T-Mobile pulls h6315

I was on the phone with T-Mobile handheld support team and was told that T-Mobile will no longer carry the h6315. My conversations with the technician did not explain why but that they will continue to support the device but will no longer carry the device.

Our forum has an interesting thread talking about other people within T-Mobile confirming this was true. No official statement has been made as of today from HP concerning this huge concern. If we should get any other information we will update the site as soon as possible.

Here you will notice the h6300 is no longer listed on T-Mobile site

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Call Waiting Issue w/ TMO Does anyone know what cause this issue? When I’m on a phone call sometimes I can see the second call coming through and other time I can’t. I hear the call waiting tone but no icon for who’s calling. I have voice command 1.5 on my system could that be the problem?

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Was there a problem at all BEFORE you installed Voice Command 1.5?


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I never notice it before; I’m really guessing at voice command it’s the only application that has to do with the phone itself.

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Try un- installing Voice Command, soft reset, and see how you go?


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Haven’t had this issue, and I have MVC 1.5 installed. In my area the “enhanced caller-ID” TMO router had an issue that caused the caller-ID to fail. I would recommend that you contact TMO and report the issue.

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Its not because the Voice Command or TMO or the area where you live.. Its because the new ROM.. When i had the previous ROM.. I didnt have a problem of missing or holding calls.. Now they fixed the echo problem, but they forgot to fix the call waiting..

My suggestion is you may either go back to an older ROM wich doesnt have this problem, or you may wait for couple months so that they can release a fixed ROM and you can install that..

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Voice command may be trying to get the speaker so it can voice announce the caller information but is blocked by the phone app. Disable the voice announce incoming call feature of voice command (Start | settings | voice command (on the Personal tab) | tap phone and Options. Clear the checkbox next to “announce incoming calls”.

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Craftsman, Something else is wrong, I’ve just tested & re-tested it (Also I get multiple calls all of the time as well), I have MVC 1.5, and the second call “always” pops-up. Rule-out MVC 1.5. However, other possible factors with the phone include corruption of the Phone application, and/or iPAQ corruption from the use of backup/restore in post ROM, and/or Bluetooth stack (if used) corruption. 1. Phone Application (soft-reset) > Test – if the Phone cannot be turned-off 2. Backup/Restore (hard-reset with NO Full backup/restore) >Some people mistakenly used backup/restore after installing the new ROM


3. Bluetooth stack corruption also corrupts the Phone (hard-reset with NO Full backup/restore)

> REF:…threadId=866908

Good Luck – Let me Know!

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Well let me put the foolish part to rest. The ROM update that was done without any backup/restore done on it. I move all my files to the SD card and then wiped the unit with the new ROM. I only have 3 programs on my unit VC1.5, Snoop dashboard and ListPro. My unit can go off and on but when I get a second call coming in I hear the tone but I do not see who calling like stated before and this is an intermitted problem. When I was on the phone yesterday it happened but after I hung up with that person another call came the box popped up. I can only hit the hold button when this happens in order to switch over to the other call. Which is becoming a pain. Now I’m wondering if VC does have something to do with it. But I never had this issue with VC until the new ROKM update. If we think removing VC fixes the problem I’ll try it.

David Jaquith are you using a 6315 with VC1.5 or another unit. I thought I saw you on other post speaking of another unit you use instead of the 6300 series.

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The “foolish” wasn’t meant to be insulting, and I apologize if you felt that way. Yep, I have a 6315 with T-Mobile service, I again also have MVC 1.5 installed, and everything is a clean install. Also, you/everyone needs to be extremely careful of what and how to install applications; you should search carefully for both issues with your 6315 and especially for any known conflicts with other installed applications. BTW – I’ve posted over 2000+ posts on HP (I focus on the 6315 – but the entire 63XX shares the same issues), and I am a Development Tester for Microsoft meaning I have an eye for corruption and conflicts. Recommendation “hard-reset” and follow the very proven procedure linked, and skip to STEP #5 (assumes Outlook is installed/otherwise use the “Advanced Mode” Backup/Restore DATA ONLY – not the Basic (the issue is in the use of Basic – carries-over registry & other problems):…threadId=876153

Pay particular attention to: “(note ** My general rule is after a hard-reset give the device a day or two then begin adding one (1) application at a time giving it the same day or two to determine any ill affects. Also, verify that all applications are certified to your current Pocket PC OS [e.g. WM 2003]).” RE: “move all my files to the SD card > Moved what files, and “how” did you restore them? Documents, and media files are OK, but programs no – this can cause problems. RE: “I only have 3 programs on my unit” 1. “VC1.5” & “Now I’m wondering if VC does have something to do with it” > MVC is not the problem. 2. “Snoop dashboard” > “probably” is a problem.


REF: (utilities)…threadId=859496 3. “ListPro” > ListPro version 4 should be OK. RE: “My unit can go off and on” This is not what I’m referring to. Open iPAQ Wireless and turn-off the phone; if it doesn’t turn-off then Phone has become corrupted and a soft-reset “may” correct the problem. Pressing the “power button” only puts the 6315 in standby mode.

Just trying to help…


Mobile Sites – Pocket PC Magazine

Last week I started a series on mobile sites that I like to visit on my iPAQ. Of course I started with Dave’s iPAQ not only because it is my favorite but because it clearly has the best interface of all the sites, especially with the new redesign.

When I purchased my first iPAQ, the sales person chatted a long time about the variety of things that I would be able to do with my new iPAQ. The ability to “surf” sites was something that intrigued me but quickly I found that too many sites were not easily formatted for the iPAQ experience.

It became clear to me that others had the same experience because I started to find sites that were formatted specifically for the handheld device. One of those sites was Pocket PC Magazine’s mobile site. It fit on the screen and had NO horizontal scrolling that needed to be used. So it became a site that I visited daily.

But visiting a site because it “fits the screen” is not the reason to do so. It has to have some “hook” to keep you coming back day after day, week after week and it does! The site opens to a very pleasing front page that has four categories to pick from.

Jim Karpen’s Web Guide

Diane Dumas’ Hot Downloads

Directory of Mobile Sites

Tip of the Week

Jim Karpen’s Web Guide

is the first in line so it is a natural to click on it first. Each week Jim updates his guide giving you items of interest like Online Guides, Freeware, Reference Libraries, Microsoft News, Giveaways, Browsers?you name it, he has done it. The quality of what Jim does is outstanding and it is something that I look forward to every week. If you want to go back in look at his past web guide columns, you can, but it has to done on the main site. It is not a feature that can be used on the mobile site but who knows, maybe they will change that…it would be an excellent feature!

Diane Dumas’ Hot Downloads

is next on the list and is another weekly feature that is done incredibly well. Each week, Diane picks a download that she feels will be of interest to her readers. There is a short synopsis of what the program is and why it will be useful to you. Each week she carefully crafts her remarks to give you the most information in a brief fashion. She continually finds quality programs for review and recommendation. The mobile site only carries the newest Top Download but if you miss the previous weeks choice, you can get it from the main site. They always leave the previous weeks choice up. It would be nice to have the same archive option that is there for Jim’s Web Guide.

The Directory of Mobile Sites

is next and is an incredible resource for the first timer (and the old timer too). There are six categories: Mobile Site General Directories, Web Search, Pocket PC/Smartphone General Interest, Pocket PC Media, Pocket PC Software/Shopping, and Freeware. Each category will bring you to a site that has been optimized for the mobile experience. There is a need to update a few of the sites but I expect they will do that soon?.

Tip of the Week

is a feature that is reason enough to visit the site. More often than not, there will be some little hint that they will pass on that will make your life just a bit easier. Tips like: Synchronizing an E-mail with an Outlook Item as Attachment, or How to Turn Off the Backlight Quickly on Your iPAQ Pocket PC are just a few of the types of tips you will get. Each tip is a quality tip and worth the weekly look to add to your repertoire. There is a Tip Archive at the top of the page on the main site if you want to go back and find an old tip.

Pocket PC Magazine’s Mobile site is an outstanding favorite of mine. I hope that you will find it as informative as I have over the past several years. Jim, Diane, and the staff at Pocket PC Magazine, THANK YOU for providing us with content that is current, and interesting to all of the Pocket PC community. A job well done!!

RATING…5 out of 5

Customer Support — It is what it’s all about!

Have you ever noticed that you tend to return to certain vendors without even giving it a thought? I have and I know why. It’s not only for a great product but it really is for that assurance of absolute customer support if you need it.

I use my Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard daily along with my Think Outside Bluetooth Mouse. I have always been careful and reasonably gentle with it to make sure it will last. I always carefully open and close it and I always store it in its case when I’m done. Last night tragedy occurred! As I opened the keyboard, I noticed that the support leg on the stand was cracked and as I opened it, the crack went all the way and broke.

I was so disappointed and to be honest, very “lost” as to how I was going to efficiently enter text. I was able to “muddle” my way through the evening and finished my work but I did do one little extra — I sent an email to Think Outside.

Yup, at 11 pm last night, I sent a note off telling them about my problem and asking if I could purchase a replacement stand. I offered to send a check or if they sent me a bill, I would remit a check immediately. So it was off to bed … somewhat disappointed that my trusted companion had a damaged stand.

So this morning, I got up, made my coffee, turned on my computer and started outlook to begin my daily routine of reading the mail. To my surprise, the first email I received was from Think Outside! That’s right, they replied and guess what? A replacement stand is on its way…at no charge! Not only are they sending one stand but they are going to send two…just in case!

WOW!! …was I ever impressed!! I’m not sure others would do that and frankly, I don’t even want to find out. It has taken me a lifetime to actually figure out what QUALITY ASSURANCE means. Quality means you have a great product, a product made with care and one that will not only do what it is supposed to do but will last! Assurance means that in the event that anything ever goes wrong, they will stand behind you. That is what Think Outside means to me…QUALITY PRODUCTS coupled with the ASSURANCE that they stand behind you!

In part, this is what the folks at Think Outside said to me:

Quote …we’ll get a couple of stands to you asap and we apologize for the inconvenience. Just so you know, we will be using different materials in future builds of the stand which will be much more durable. The stands that we will send are from the old material (2 just in case).

We love our customers and …TO stands behind our customers. If a stand breaks, we replace free of charge. We think it’s the little things like this that make a real difference in customer loyalty and satisfaction but that’s just our opinion.

Well from my perspective…they have it right! Customer satisfaction means customer loyalty! Thank you Think Outside!

By the way, if you have not read my reviews on the Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard or their Bluetooth Mouse, you can read them here:

Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Think Outside Bluetooth Mouse

eXPerience for the Pocket PC

Diane Dumas’ HOT DOWNLOADS are always great finds and some are better than others. This weeks “Hot Download” from eXPerience is one of the neatest interfaces I have seen for the Pocket PC.

eXPerience for the Pocket PC is an accurate translation of the most popular interface for desktop computers. This interface is a great alternative to the one that ships with Pocket PC.

You can see Diane’s Hot Download’s here.

Diane…keep finding this “cool” stuff!

You can find eXPerience at digital EXPEDITION.

T-Mobile hacked again and Paris Hilton is the target.

It looks like someone posted all of Paris Hilton’s Sidekick information on the web. I hope someone should buy Paris Hilton an iPAQ or a Microsoft Smartphone! She had her Sidekick hacked once already and now someone’s pulled the data and posted it all up online. I really think T-Mobile should be held liable if her password was hacked. We posted about this a few weeks ago which twenty-one year-old Nicolas Jacobsen was quietly charged with the intrusions last October, after a Secret Service informant helped investigators link him to sensitive agency documents that were circulating in underground IRC chat rooms.

This really hits a hotspot (no pun intended) with me! Since all the HP iPAQ’s are on the T-Mobile system are you concerned? Have you stored any senstive information on T-Mobile servers? If so I would pull it off immediately. I am not going to post the link to Paris Hilton’s phone book, photos or notepad since by posting this information you are just supporting intruding people’s privacy .. What are your thoughts? Agree or Disagree?

Kevin Tofel of Commute Cast and Podcast Network talks podcasting at Philly Feed

One of my favorate podcasters Kevin Tofel of the Commute Cast and Tech Addiction was asked to speak on the Philly Feed today! If you arent familiar with Podcasting and would like to hear what Kevin has to say check it out! Here is a blurb about his podcast.

Kct & Barb commute to work while talking tech and havin’ fun! It’s half tech, half personal stories and half of the unexpected! (What does that add up to?) We keep this VERY simple; no editing! Just a truck or a car, two microphones and a Tablet PC. We think the commute noise provides “ambiance”! 😉

Philly Feed

Commute Cast

Tech Addiction

iPAQ 6500 Mobile Messenger Accessories?

Eventhough HP announced some information about the iPAQ Mobile Messenger an online store is already selling accessories for this unreleased iPAQ. What amazes me is that this device is not even available and companies are already selling accessories? Is this why some of us buy accessories and they dont work? Is it because the vendors actually never test the accessory? This is just plain ridiculous!

Ipaq Mobile Messenger accessories allow you to take your Ipaq anywhere with you, and be able to keep it either powered by our selection of Mobile Messenger car chargers, Mobile Messenger home chargers, or battery extenders, or keep it protected by selecting from our comprehensive Ipaq Mobile Messenger case selection. So if you are looking for a Mobile Messenger screen protector, stylus, case or cord, look no further.

The Pocket Solution

Update on Stratellite

In August I posted this story about the Stratellite because I thought it was a very neat piece of technology and had the4 potential of increasing my ability of using my iPAQ while on the go. The following is an update on the progress on the Stratellite. You can read the first post titled So what is a Stratellite? here.

GlobeTel Communications Corp., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sanswire Networks, LLC, today provided an update on the launch of the Stratellite prototype being built in California. The launch is set for the first quarter of 2005.

Sanswire has elected to construct the prototype in sections, made up of several sub-assemblies. The construction of the sub-assemblies began in November and will continue during the month of December. The sub-assemblies are being fashioned and tagged in an assembly line and will be shipped to the hangar to be assembled into the Stratellite prototype, Sanswire One.

Sanswire provided pictures of a sub-assembly that shows the weight of the material and overall potential size of the prototype of the Stratellite. Over 10,000 parts and over 60,000 aircraft rivets will be used in the interior structure, which requires a substantial portion of the time required to build Sanswire One. Upon assembly, the engines, guidance system and solar panels will be attached, and the testing can begin.

Joseph Seroussi, GlobeTel’s CTO (left) and Vernon Koenig, Sanswire’s Chief Engineer (right) standing to give size and scale to the top half of one “rib” of the Stratellite. The Prototype will be 84 feet long, 68 feet wide and 50 feet tall including fins. It is about one third the size of commercial vehicle, to be constructed in 2005, found on Sanswire website, (Photo:Business Wire)

Mr. Koenig is holding a 30 foot long piece of the superstructure to demonstrate the rigid and light structure of the superstructure. This 30 ft.-long support, part of a sub-assembly, weighs a total of 4.6 pounds. Weight is very important with every factor of the airship. (Photo:Business Wire)

Mr. Koenig stands under a suspended 900 square foot section of the top of the Stratellite’s superstructure. This 900 square foot sub-assembly weighs only 35 pounds. (Photo:Business Wire)

Timothy Huff, CEO of GlobeTel Communications Corp stated, “We will continue to update our shareholders and the public on the progress of the construction of Sanswire One. The engines, guidance system and solar panels have been selected. What remains is putting the pieces together. We are very excited as our vision and dreams are being literally under construction in the dessert of California. Sanswire One will be launched in California and the test will be run for approximately 60 days.”

A Stratellite is similar to a satellite, but is stationed in the stratosphere rather than in orbit. At an altitude of over 10 miles, each Stratellite will have clear line-of-site communications capability to an entire major metropolitan area as well as being able to provide coverage across major rural areas. Several Stratellites linked together could cover many hundreds of thousands of square miles. The Stratellite will allow subscribers to easily communicate in “both directions” using readily available wireless devices. In addition to voice and data, proposed telecommunications uses include cellular, 3G/4G mobile, MMDS, paging, fixed wireless telephony, HDTV, real-time surveillance and others.

Contact: GlobeTel Communications Corp. Leigh A. Coleman, President 954.241.0590