Month: June 2005

Concert Video Available for Select Windows Mobile-Based Devices

CinemaNow Inc., the industry leader in video-on-demand for broadband, today announced an agreement with Virgin Records to make the concert video of Ben Harper and The Blind Boys of Alabama’s “Live at the Apollo” available for download in multiple ways using Windows Media Video, including a High-Definition format for the PC as well as versions that can be played on various Windows Mobile-based devices including Portable Media Centers, select Smartphones and Pocket PCs. This marks the first time that a concert DVD has been made available in both High-Definition format and for portable devices highlighting the broad flexibility of CinemaNow’s video-on-demand services.

In an industry first, “Live at the Apollo” is being released online in conjunction with its release on DVD as a download-to-own via CinemaNow’s newly launched music video service, ( The High-Definition version of the concert will be available on ( later this week.

“CinemaNow continues to expand its leadership role in the online VOD space by recognizing the need to provide a variety of content in a variety of formats,” said Jeff Briller, vice president of acquisitions for CinemaNow. “We have seen the demand for High-Definition content and for more content on mobile devices and we have created a system that allows content companies to easily exploit these new distribution channels.”

As part of the agreement, users of CinemaNow and will be able to download permanent copies of the concerts in CinemaNow’s wide variety of Windows Media formats including High-Definition, Standard, Portable Media Center and Smartphone. The High-Definition versions will be available in Windows Media Video HD and at a video resolution of 720p. All CinemaNow HD movies are encoded for optimum home theater enjoyment at up to 10Mbps and feature high-quality 5.1 surround sound. With the portable versions, users will be able to download the appropriate version and then transfer the video file to the secure device using Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Media DRM 10.

Following a collaborative effort that resulted in two 2005 Grammy Awards, Ben Harper and The Blind Boys of Alabama have once again teamed up for the release of “Live at the Apollo,” a concert video recorded during a one night stand at Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theater on October 12, 2004. Backed by Harper’s band, The Innocent Criminals, the concert features all 11 tracks from their critically acclaimed album “There Will Be a Light” as well as several of Harper’s gospel-influenced numbers from his previous albums.

“As with the music side of our business, we are always looking for ways to securely distribute our video content through new technical advances,” said Michael Galardi, Director of Interactive Marketing, Virgin Records America. “With High-Definition TVs and new portable devices becoming increasingly mainstream, CinemaNow is able to provide a simple solution that makes content available over numerous platforms while giving the consumer a convenient destination to purchase and download in any one of these formats.”

“For music fans, experiencing these concerts in High Definition is just like being there, live, at the Apollo,” said Eric Schwertzel, President, Alphabit. “Today, we are curing content boredom by delivering that concert experience now in multiple versions to music lovers everywhere.”

About CinemaNow

CinemaNow, Inc. ( is the global leader in broadband video-on-demand. CinemaNow legally offers content from a library of more than 6,500 new and classic movies, television programs, music concerts and music videos from 20th Century Fox, ABC News, Disney, Lions Gate, MGM, Miramax, NBC Universal, Sony, Warner Bros. and more than 200 other licensors via downloading or streaming. Founded in 1999, CinemaNow continues to be an innovator in the video-on-demand industry with the introduction of high-definition content and support for portable media devices. CinemaNow counts Menlo Ventures, Lions Gate Entertainment, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Blockbuster as investors.


Edelman for CinemaNow Chad Giron, 323-202-1052 or Virgin Records Tracy Zamot, 212-786 8370

AlphaCipher Mobile for the Pocket PC

VIENNA, Va. –(Business Wire)– June 8, 2004 ACEncrypt Solutions, LLC(TM) is pleased to announce the development and release of AlphaCipher Mobile(TM). AlphaCipher Mobile is a software encryption application developed by Vadium Technology, Inc.(TM), that is designed to run on Personal Digital Assistants (“PDA”) running Microsoft’s Pocket PC 2003 operating system.

“AlphaCipher Mobile deploys the encryption power of the AlphaCipher Encryption System(TM) to mobile communication devices providing end users with the strongest encryption protection possible while working in a wireless environment,” stated David R. Vey, CEO of ACEncrypt Solutions, LLC. AlphaCipher Mobile has recently completed its beta testing and is available to be licensed by Beta users. Its final production and release date is July 1, 2004.

The features of AlphaCipher Mobile include:

— Encryption using a digital One-Time Pad.

— Encrypts/Decrypts text, files and folders on a Pocket PC PDA.

— Encrypts/Decrypts text within Pocket Word Documents.

— Ciphertext files are fully interoperable with AlphaCipher Desktop enabled PC workstations.

— Encrypts Instant Text Messaging Sessions.

— Allows for the destruction of Plaintext, Ciphertext and Keying Material using United States Department of Defense erasing protocols.

ACEncrypt Solutions is also pleased to announce Vadium’s follow on development project, to AlphaCipher Mobile. This additional project is the development of a voice encryption module for AlphaCipher Mobile. This new module will provide for the encryption and decryption of streaming voice communications on a Pocket PC enabled cell phone using the AlphaCipher Encryption System. It will initially use an 802.11 wireless network for transmission of the encrypted voice traffic. Over the next twelve months, Vadium expects to expand the voice transmission capabilities to include the CDMA and GSM communication channels.

In the United States, AlphaCipher Mobile can be directly licensed from ACEncrypt Solutions, LLC ( To support existing and growing international demand for AlphaCipher products, Vadium has filed for a Commodity Classification Request with the United States Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security, and we expect to export AlphaCipher Mobile for the Pocket PC to all appropriate end users located within the EU+8 countries. Once this request is processed, international customers will be able to license AlphaCipher Mobile in the United Kingdom from Vadium’s existing sales office in London. Pacific Rim qualified buyers will be able to license AlphaCipher Mobile from Vadium’s distribution partner in Tokyo, Japan, via Peercom, Inc., (

About ACEncrypt Solutions, LLC

ACEncrypt Solutions, LLC (, located in Tysons Corner, VA, is a privately-held technology solutions marketing firm providing expert security solution software and hardware applications, consulting services and support to Corporate and Government approved buyers. ACEncrypt Solutions(TM) represents and leverages best of breed digital applications to provide robust solutions that assure the vital balance of security and privacy in tandem with end user ease of use to satisfy the information assurance needs of it customers. ACEncrypt Solutions is the exclusive reseller of the AlphaCipher Encryption System(TM) to the US Federal Government and the Washington DC metro area under license from Vadium Technology, Inc.(TM) of Tacoma, Washington.

About Vadium Technology, Inc.

Vadium Technology, Inc., ( located in Tacoma, Washington, is a developer of the newest generation innovative security solutions for digital communications, data transmission and robust secure information storage. Based on patent-pending technology and 20 years of research and development, Vadium’s AlphaCipher Encryption System (TM), implements a true digital One-Time-Pad (“OTP”) cipher. The OTP is the only method of encrypting data where the strength of protection is immune to the mounting threats posed by breakthroughs in advanced mathematics and the ever-increasing processing power of computers. The consistently accelerating increases in computing power are proven to be a present and severe threat to all the other prevalent encryption methods. The Company’s products, combine portable, easy-to-use key management and storage systems, with a user friendly graphical user interface to deliver fast, ultra-strong protection for data stored locally or transmitted over communication networks, for small to mid-size sensitive workgroups. Vadium’s technology is suitable for government and commercial enterprise solutions where critical information demands the highest protection.

ACEncrypt Solutions, LLC

Victoria Vey Looney, 703-918-9434

Apple adds Podcast support for ITunes

Apple has released iTunes 4.9. The latest version of the popular jukebox software now includes the podcasting features as promised by Apple CEO Steve Jobs at D: All Things Digital last month.

Apple says: “With iTunes 4.9, you can now browse and subscribe to podcasts from within the iTunes Music Store. Podcasts are frequently updated radio-style shows downloadable over the Internet. You can also transfer podcasts to iPod, for listening on the go.”

While Jobs describes podcasting as the Wayne’s World of Radio he also believes that it is the “hottest thing going in radio, hotter than anything else in radio”.

Announcing the latest update Jobs said: “Apple is taking Podcasting mainstream by building it right into iTunes. Podcasting is the next generation of radio, and users can now subscribe to over 3,000 free Podcasts and have each new episode automatically delivered over the Internet to their computer and iPod.”

The new Podcast Directory in iTunes 4.9 features over 3,000 free audio programs, making it one of the largest Podcast directories in the world, claims Apple.

You can download Itunes 4.9 with podcast support here..

Also once you download Itunes help support Dave’s iPAQ and click this link and ask apple to publish our feed which is

Dave’s iPAQ Lauches International Shopping Page

I am so excited to announce that Dave’s iPAQ has now launched our International Store. Now many of you who visit Dave’s iPAQ can now support us by visiting our International Store. This store will enable us to deliver something many of you have asked us for and nevertheless wanting to support us. I would like to thank Mobile Planet and Expansys for their hard work and dedication to make this day happen..

You can visit our international store here

Dual-Input Li-ion Charger IC For Smart Handheld Devices

Intersil Corporation, a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog solutions, announced the release of the ISL6299 advanced high voltage dual-input battery charger IC for single-cell Li-ion/polymer applications. The charger accepts power inputs from the USB port or desktop cradle/AC adapter, supporting applications in cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, MP3 devices, portable multi-media players, digital still cameras, and other portable industrial and test equipment. It is an ideal charger for smart handheld devices that need to communicate with a personal computer via the USB port. Its features allow portable units to be charged from two alternative sources (USB or desktop cradle/AC adapter) while protecting portable devices from high input voltages and minimizing temperature rise during charging.

The ISL6299 is a complete battery charger, yielding a low component count solution and features that include programmable cradle charge current, charge indication, adapter present indication, programmable end-of-charge (EOC) current with latch. All these advanced features along with Intersil’s Thermaguard (TM) technology for an added measure of thermal protection are delivered in the ISL6299 chip which is packaged in a tiny 3×3 mm DFN package.

“The ISL6299 is the fourth battery charger device Intersil has introduced in as many months and is evidence of our rapidly expanding product line. Its high input voltage offers a much more robust solution while alleviating the need for expensive over-voltage protection circuitry,” said Andrew Baker, product marketing manager of Intersil’s handheld power management group. “Also the EOC programming provides more flexibility to customize the charge function for the termination function for a particular application and the EOC latch prevents false end-of-charge indications. With the increased popularity of using USB for both data synchronization and a source for charging, the ISL6299 offers OEMs the ultimate flexibility of providing end users both USB or cradle charging with simultaneous connection.”

The ISL6299 features maximum input voltages of 28V (cradle) and 7V (USB). With the 28V cradle rating, low-cost (large output-tolerance) adapters can safely be used. When both inputs are powered, the cradle input is used to charge the battery. The charge current is programmable for the cradle input with a small resistor. The end-of-charge current for the cradle input is also programmable by another external resistor. The device incorporates Thermaguard (TM) technology, which protects the IC against over temperature during charging. If the die temperature rises above a typical value of 100 degree Centigrade, a thermal foldback function reduces the charge current automatically to prevent further temperature rise.

The device pre-conditions the battery with low current when the battery voltage is below 2.6V. The ISL6299 also has two indication pins. The power present (PPR) pin outputs an open-drain logic LOW when either the cradle or the USB input power is attached. The charge (CHG) pin is also an open-drain output that indicates a logic LOW when the charge current is above a minimum current level; when the charge current is below the minimum current, the CHG pin indicates a logic HIGH signal and the status is latched. The latch resets when the device is disabled and re-enabled; when the selected input source has been removed and re-applied; when the USBON turns LOW; or the BAT pin voltage falls below the re-charge threshold.

ISL6299 Technical Summary

— Complete charger for single-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries — Dual input of power sources (cradle and USB) — Low component count — Integrated pass element — Fixed 380mA USB charge current — Programmable cradle charge current (max 1A) — Thermaguard (TM) charge current thermal protection — Charge indication — Adaptor present indication — Less than 0.5uA leakage current off battery (when no input power attached) — Programmable end-of-charge current with latch for cradle input — Ambient temperature range: -40 degree C to +85 degree C

Pricing and Availability

The ISL6299 is available now in Pb-free 10-lead 3x3mm DFN packages, in tube or tape and reel. The suggested resale price in 1,000 unit quantities for the ISL6299IRZ-T is $1.30. An evaluation board is also available for this product (ISL6299EVAL1). Learn more about Intersil’s complete family of power management solutions that satisfy a broad range of applications, including computing, communications, peripherals, display, networking, telecom, industrial, instrumentation and battery-powered products from Intersil’s Power web site at:

About Intersil

Intersil Corporation, a NASDAQ 100 Index company, is a leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog semiconductors. The company’s products address three of the industry’s fastest growing markets: flat panel displays, optical storage (CD and DVD recordable) and power management. Intersil products include power management devices for battery management, hot-swap and hot-plug controllers, linear regulators, supervisory ICs, switching DC / DC regulators and power MOSFET drivers; optical storage laser diode drivers; DSL line drivers; video and high performance operational amplifiers; data converters; interface ICs; analog switches and multiplexers; crosspoint switches; voice-over-IP devices; and ICs for military, space and rad-hard applications. For more information about Intersil or to find out how to become a member of our winning team, visit the company’s web site and career page at This release may include “forward looking statements” that are subject to risks and uncertainties. For information identifying economic, political, climatic, currency, regulatory, technological, competitive and some other important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated in the forward looking statements, see Intersil’s Safe Harbor Forward Looking Statement disclaimer found at, as well as Intersil’s SEC filings as updated from time to time, found at Thermaguard is a trademark of Intersil Corporation. Any other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Intersil Corporation, Milpitas Patrick Long, 408-546-3657 E-Mail:

Lawyers divided over Amazon iPaq case

Disgruntled customers who last week attempted to buy cheap iPaqs from might be able to demand their rights in court. However, in this complex legal area, it is likely that Amazon would win in the end, according to lawyers. On Wednesday, a flurry of emails alerted Internet users that Amazon was mistakenly selling iPaqs worth nearly £300 for £7.32. As heavy traffic drew this to the company’s attention, the site was closed for a short time, and then Amazon contacted customers to say the sales were cancelled, as the small print on the site states that Amazon has not entered into any contract until it sends an email saying it has shipped the products.

iHolster from iProducts

Each iHolster is hand made (not vacuum formed) from durable, impact resistant Kydex to provide a snug and secure fit for your iPaq. The matte finish of the Kydex provides an attractive look for both casual and professional environments.

Models iHolsterIV The iHolsterIV is designed to hold the iPaq when it is placed in any of its available sleeves. These include, but are not limited to: Basic Sleeve and Colored Style Sleeve Compact Flash Sleeve PC Card Sleeve Dual PC Card Sleeve FlyJacket i3800

iGuardIII The iGuardIII is derivation of the iHolster. The iGuardIII is designed to slide on the front of the iPaq, with sleeve attached, to protect the screen. Handmade from durable Kydex, the iGuardIII provided superior protection to you iPaqs screen. And now it is designed to fit the 3800 series iPaqs along with the 3100, 3600 and 3700 series iPaqs. Like the iHolster, the iGuardIII can be used with the following sleeves: Basic Color CF Sliver Slider CF PC Card Dual PC Card FlyJacket i3800

iHolsterMBHII The iHolsterMBHII is a new and completely different concept in carrying cases for the Compaq iPaq. The iHolsterMBHII is designed to maximize versatility and accessibility for your iPaq in an attractive and durable package. And now it is designed to fit the 3800 series iPaqs along with the 3100, 3600 and 3700 series iPaqs.

The iHolsterMBHII is designed to hold the iPaq when it is placed in any of its available sleeves. These include, but are not limited to:

Basic Sleeve and Colored Style Sleeve Compact Flash Sleeve PC Card Sleeve Dual PC Card Sleeve FlyJacket i3800

The open top design of the iHolsterMBHII also allows for storing and carrying the iPaq while using protruding CF and PCMCA (PC Card) card such as wireless networking cards. The photos below shows the iPaq, complete with Dual PC Card expansion sleeve and 802.11B wireless networking card, neatly stored in the iHolsterMBHII ready to use at any moment.


Since the design of the iHolster is open, attractive modifications or sleeves (such as the colored sleeves) remain visible while the iPAQ is stored. The “case” portion of the iHolster can be easily removed from the belt clip by rotating it 90 degrees and depressing the release button on the clip. Easy to Use?

The handheld is held tightly and securely, while also sliding in and out of the case minimal hassle. However, since the unit is held in place by hard plastic tabs, be advised you might get some scratches on the unit itself. Users of stock sleeves will probably notice greater wear since more of the sleeve will be exposed to friction with the tabs. Nevertheless, since the only part of the handheld that comes into contact with the holster is the sleeve, the surface of the actual iPAQ seems to be protected.

How Tough Is Your Skin?

For years I have always liked the look and feel of leather, so the cases I bought matched my desire to have that richness that leather has. For centuries, leather has been the “basic” covering used for valuables, books, luggage and most recently, PDA’s. The quality you get depends on the manufacturer and that certainly does vary.

With the advent of technology and the use of metals for protection, people on the go have often opted for metal cases to cover their most precious items. What comes to mind is a metal locket my mother used to wear to encapsulate a picture of my dad. Sure, it was a piece of gold jewelry but it served the purpose of protecting a picture…and 70 years later, it is still protecting the same picture from getting bent, creased or destroyed. The paper that the picture is made of will disintegrate before the case allows it to be crinkled.

I remember a review that I did sometime back where a reader made a comment about metal cases. Of course, being stubborn and old fashioned, I took the comment with a grain of salt. Of course, my life has changed and now, much of my time is finally being spent hiking through the woods or climbing the rock formations in the North East USA. I enjoy finding that far away place that overlooks some piece of this country where I can sit, relax, read a book on my iPAQ or even play a game or two.

As I was climbing over some rocks on the coast of Maine the other day, I slipped and landed on my side tearing my coat and getting a few bruises. I attributed it to old age but my wife attributed it to my foolishness to get to the furthest place I can go to just say I did it. What ever the reason, when I fell, I landed on my iPAQ. I was lucky, it did not break, there are no scratches and to my surprise, it still works but my leather case did suffer some damage. It was then that I remembered the reader’s comments about a metal case.

I was fortunate that I did not break or damage my iPAQ and clearly, if I was going to continue to do what I have been doing, I needed to get a case that would give me solid protection from mishaps. It was the right time for me to look for a metal case that I could use to protect my iPAQ when I was out and about doing my “exploration thing”. But I still had that desire for “the look”. The cases I was seeing on the net just had a plain, stark look that was, in my view, classless; that is until I saw a Rhino Skin case.

As I have acquired my iPAQ collection, I have begun to use each for specialized purposes. My 1940, because of its size, is the one I generally carry as I am hiking the shores and trails of Maine. When I saw the Rhino Skin case that was made for the 1900 series, I was impressed with its design and the overall look. It had a classy look; a form fitting design that was “sleek” and an inner shell made from a rubberized material that would protect your device from shock. The cover has a slight extrusion near the bottom highlighting the navigation button and the four program launch buttons. This look combined with the Rhino Skin logo at the top of the cover gives a very nice look to the case. Combining the lightness of aluminum with its strength, it clearly had what I was looking for…solid protection and good looks.

Champion Award Winners

Last night, Handango announced the winners of the Handango Champion Awards at the fifth annual Handango Partner Summit. Judged by a panel of industry experts and media, the Handango Champion Awards were presented for BlackBerry, Palm OS, UIQ, Series 60 and Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC and Smartphone applications in the following categories: Best Application for Work, Best Application for Play, Best Application for Life, Best New Application and Best Industry Application.

At the awards ceremony, Handango also recognized six software companies as “Developers of the Year” for their outstanding software development, committed customer care and forward-thinking innovation. The winners of the Developer of the Year awards are: — BlackBerry: Terratial Technologies — Palm OS: Chapura — UIQ: EPOCWARE — Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC: Developer One, Inc. — Windows Mobile-based Smartphone: Ilium Software

Sponsored by Microsoft, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, the event was hosted on the luxurious Sir Winston yacht. While watching the Miami city lights in the dusk and the setting sun over Biscayne Bay, participants started the evening with an elegant dinner followed by an entertaining awards presentation.

“I would like to congratulate this year’s Champion Award winners and applaud their successes,” said Randy Eisenman, president and chief executive officer of Handango. “The title ‘Handango Champion Award Winner’ is quite an honor, as finalists and winners are nominated by customers and chosen by some of the best minds in the mobile content industry.”

Each Handango Champion Award recipient will receive a prize package that includes a $5,000 marketing stipend, placement in a special edition of the Handango Champion Newsletter and a variety of additional promotional opportunities.

The Handango Champion Award winners are:

Blackberry Series 60

— Best Application for Work — Best Application for Work – Mail2Fax by – Quickoffice Premier by Mobile Digital Media — Best Application for Play — Best Application for Play – Ring Tone Megaplex by – SKY FORCE by Infinite Terratial Technologies Dreams — Best Application for Life — Best Application for Life – WorldMate by MobiMate – IM+: Instant Messenger by SHAPE Services — Best New Application — Best New Application – eSpell by DynoPlex – Stuntcar Extreme by Fathammer — Best Application for Work — Best Application for Work – SnapperMail Premier Bundle – Pocket Informant 2005 by by Snapperfish WebIS — Best Application for Play — Best Application for Play – Pocket Tunes Deluxe by NormSoft – Fish Tycoon by LDW Software — Best Application for Life — Best Application for Life – VeriChat by PDAapps – Spb Pocket Plus by Spb — Best New Application —Best New Application – SplashBlog by SplashData —Software House — Best Industry Application — Best Industry Application – Davis’s Drug Guide by – CodeWallet Pro 2005 by Unbound Medicine Developer One — Best Application for Work — Best Application for Work – Handy Day 2005 by EPOCWARE – Papyrus by SBSH — Best Application for Play — Best Application for Play – Aces Texas Hold’em – Legacy by Redshift – No Limit by Concrete Software — Best Application for Life — Best Application for Life – Fizz Traveller by Fizt – eZiTap FEP by Zi Corporation Software — Best New Application — Best New Application – Wayfinder Navigator by – Jeyo Mobile Extender by Wayfinder Systems Jeyo – NewsBreak by Ilium Software

A complete list of winners is available HERE.

Convergent GSM/GPRS CF Card

One of my biggest gripes and the most hidden secrets I have been living with was the fact that I have not been carrying around an iPAQ for the past 6 months. Yes, I know my site name is Dave’s iPAQ and I am the iPAQ guy, dude, evangelist or whatever you want to call me. But one of the reasons was the fact that none of the iPAQ’s had the capability to connect to the internet without Bluetooth or via cables. I purchased the T68 phone in hopes that I will use it with my 5450 but unfortunately who wants to carry all that excess baggage? Not me! Well say no more. Convergent Technologies has just gotten approved a CF GSM/GPRS card. When I received the email my eyes could not believe it! I actually posted a news brief on the company and also looked into contacting them directly. After speaking to the founder, Dennis I learned alot about his company and also learned that over 200+ of these have been sold already! Many of you have always sent me emails requesting the HP GSMGPRS PCMCIA sleeve but as you know it still is not available in the US. During this review I will go over ease of use, setup and also speed tests.

The box contents consists of a PCMCIA adapter for a laptop also the CF card with a headset to plug into for using the card as a phone. The CD that is bundled with the card comes with IA Dialer and also the setup instructions. I will go over step by step what you need to do to configure this on PocketPC 2003, its really a snap! When I received the card it was nicely filled with popcorn to protect the inner box and also was packed within another box. Convergent really does a nice job on the shipping! Please note I was not able to get the IA Dialer to work with PocketPC 2003 but they are working on a fix. I therefore went to the Mercedes Benz of dialers and purchased Running Voice GSM by Pocket Presence. Wow how does this enhance the experience.

The overall design of the card just screams of pizzaz. Convergent Technology really designed a sleek but small CF card that really packs a one two punch. How does a company cram all that circuitry within this little CF card. You’ll also notice (left) the door that slides open for the sim card. Once I opened the sim door I gently slid my sim inside the chamber and closed the door. The cards also has a earpiece slot for the earphone to enable the phone. Users need to note the slot for the earplug is the same size as all Nokia phones. Some of you might have the Jabra Bluetooth headset so be sure the model supports Nokia earplugs. The top portion of the card is the actual antenna which swings open from left to right. I never really needed to open the antenna but possibly in some rural areas of coverage it might help. The antenna sits snug and seems quite stable, so those who always think small parts will break no need to worry. The card also has 2 side grips for inserting and pulling out the card. One complain of CF cards was that they tend to be a little hard to pull out.