Month: June 2005

Microsoft Windows XP on Sony PSP can it work?

I thought this was interesting since the only way it could work is through some sort of terminal connection but it definitely is the weird pic of the day! Would you find this useful or just plain silly? I personally love my psp but not sure if navigating on Windows would be that easy through my PSP. Why? The main reason why I love my PocketPC! Touchscreen…

Also Sony just released Sony Image Converter Software

Playing Music On The Go? — Then Get Serious!

Now I have to say from the outset that I have not had much experience with any type of a music player other than my old Sony tape player. I used that for years but in time CDs started to take over my music collection. I would copy songs from CD to tape but time was becoming an issue. Eventually that process faded and as I started to get a collection of MP3 songs, I played them while I was working on my computer. Eventually, all of my songs went on my iPAQ and I have remained with that for years — and I might add, I have been very happy with that process.

Of course, over time, my collection has grown significantly so maybe it was time to start looking at other devices. I would keep my favorite songs on SD cards and change the card depending on my mood but with a collection of a little over a hundred CDs, even that was becoming a major process for organization. So I began looking at music players that might satisfy my needs and frankly, I just was not impressed with any of them.

What appeared to be the most popular was too bleak in color — it just didn’t have a classy look. I didn’t care for the screen, the design, or the apparent lack of a masculine touch to it. I was just about to give up and leave the store when all of a sudden I saw a very classy device sitting at the end of the shelf. It had a very unique design and look — enough to make me stop and take a serious look.

What caught my attention was a very sharp looking shiny black glass exterior cover with a red PLAYBACK LCD display, and a stylish Touch Panel for selecting features or adjusting some aspect of the player. From a distance, it was definitely an eye catcher and as I approached it, I had to see what it was all about. Impressive is the first word that describes this device upon first looks. Now the question is, does it perform as good as it looks…we will see.

Nice packaging gives a new user an excitement of what they are about to use and that is what the m:robe packaging gave me. I was excited to open the box and see just what came inside. Of course the size of the box and the size of the m:robe were really disproportionate but there had to be a lot of “stuff” inside.

Clearly, the packaging was designed to protect the device but also to house a myriad of “stuff” ranging from the m:robe, cradle, dedicated USB cable, headphones, extension headphone cable, AC adapter with a separate AC power cord as well as a CD with the m:trip software, a users manual, a quick start guide and warranty information.

Charging the battery was the first order of business but I must admit that I did power on the unit and surprisingly it was almost a full charge. I was tempted to play the music that comes pre-loaded but I chose to wait, let it charge to full capacity then begin my listening experience. Besides this gave me time to load the software and read the manual, which was thicker than I expected.

eMagin Showcases Virtual Imaging

SEATTLE –(Business Wire)– May 25, 2004 eMagin Corporation (AMEX:EMA), the leader in active matrix OLED microdisplays, is highlighting products employing its technology in booth 1051 at the 2004 Society for Information Display (SID) International Symposium and Exhibition at the Washington Convention Center in Seattle through Thursday, May 27.

“In 2003 we made great strides in helping our customers as they integrated our displays into many applications,” said Susan Jones, executive vice president, eMagin Corporation. “This year we’re demonstrating sample customers’ products and games to illustrate the breadth and potential of virtual imaging. Our prototype 3D headsets make a compelling case for virtual imaging in computer entertainment.”

Applied OLED Technology at the booth

— The Virtual Game Room – Visitors to eMagin’s booth can get a taste of high performance virtual imaging in the worlds of popular 3D games. Visitors will have the opportunity to compete in a four-person network, running Unreal Tournament (TM) on 3D-capable PCs equipped with eMagin’s prototype stereo 3D headsets. Equipped with these head tracker devices, users can move through their virtual environments by simply moving their heads. In addition to gaming, such virtual environments are extendable to future applications where many documents, giant spreadsheets, or photos can be viewed and manipulated in a simulated “room-full-of-displays.”

— New Size Displays – A new fiber-optic taper magnifier creates a larger (approx. 1-inch) SVGA+ display from eMagin’s standard display and immediately permits tiling multiple displays for custom applications – panoramic viewers or larger, higher resolution displays and alternate formats such as UXGA and beyond.

— See-Through Display – eMagin is demonstrating its see-through SVGA high-brightness display using its see-through optic. This product is designed for virtual imaging applications that benefit form transparent displays that provide adjustable brightness and render vital information clearly, even in high background ambient light.

— PocketPC, Desktop View – Virtual imaging can also bring full-screen capability to the handheld computer, digital camera, or PDA. An eMagin display highlights the full capability of an iPAQ (TM) with a CF Voyager card. While handhelds enable us to carry and access information as we travel from place to place, the small size, direct-view displays simply cannot deliver all the resolution of a desktop screen. Low resolution, physically small areas, power consumption and difficulty in achieving daylight visibility are some of the principal issues eMagin’s virtual imaging overcomes, extending the handheld’s display to full-size, full-color, easy-to-see SVGA+ resolution.

— Computing, Virtually, Anywhere – Illustrating another frontier for virtual imaging and wearable computing, the Liteye 400, based on eMagin displays, delivers critical visual information in full color at full-screen resolution. This display will be shown operating under water, emphasizing the ruggedness of eMagin’s OLEDs and Liteye’s system.

— Rugged and Military Visualization – Kaiser Electro-Optical’s ProView SO35 Monocular system employs an eMagin SVGA display to deliver full color image information in conditions ranging from -32 degrees to 55 degrees C and up to 95% RH. This device is in use in the field with the U.S. military. Total Fire Group’s Fire Warrior micro thermal imaging system is designed for complete hands-free use in the smoke and confusion of a fire, enabling more efficient search and rescue missions and safe recognition of hot spots.

About eMagin Corporation

eMagin is a leader and innovator in near-to-the-eye virtual imaging technologies and products, integrating high resolution OLED displays (smaller than one-inch), magnifying optics, and systems technologies to create a virtual image that appears comparable to that of a computer monitor, a large-screen television, or even a theater-like experience eMagin’s microdisplay systems are expected to enable new mass markets for wearable personal computers, wireless Internet appliances, portable DVD-viewers, digital cameras, and other emerging applications for consumer, industrial, and military applications. The company has developed unique technology for producing high performance OLED-on-silicon microdisplays and related optical systems. eMagin was the first company commercially sell active matrix color displays and to announce, publicly show and sell full-color active matrix OLED-on-silicon microdisplays. eMagin also licenses OLED technology from Eastman Kodak Company. The company supplies these displays in commercial quantity to OEMs. In addition, the company sells integrated modules to military, industrial and medical customers. eMagin’s corporate headquarters and microdisplay operations are co-located with IBM on its campus in East Fishkill, N.Y. Optics and system design facilities are located at its wholly owned subsidiary, Virtual Vision, Inc., in Redmond, WA. Website:

Forward Looking Statements

This release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These statements relate to future events or our future financial performance. In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by terminology such as “may”, “will”, “should”, “expect”, “plan”, “anticipate”, “believe”, “estimate”, “predict”, “potential” or “continue”, the negative of such terms, or other comparable terminology. These statements are only predictions. Actual events or results may differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements as a result of various important factors, including those described in the company’s most recent filings with the SEC. Although we believe that the expectations reflected in the forward-looking statements are reasonable, such statements should not be regarded as a representation by the company, or any other person, that such forward-looking statements will be achieved. The business and operations of each company are subject to substantial risks which increase the uncertainty inherent in forward-looking statements. We undertake no duty to update any of the forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. In light of the foregoing, readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements.


Joe Runde, 845-838-7905

Daves iPAQ 06022005 Podcast is up

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Today Jack, Steve and I talk about the hot Pocket PC news of the week.

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Sonic Mobility and Vytek Messaging Services Announce Joint Problem Resolution fo…

Sonic Mobility and Vytek Messaging Services today announced a joint partnership to sell sonicadmin for TelAlert, a combined solution that enables the delivery of urgent system messages and alerts to handheld devices that can then be used to resolve system issues. sonicadmin for TelAlert is a complete remote urgent notification and remote resolution solution that easily integrates with network management software from HP, IBM, Microsoft, NetIQ, Computer Associates, BMC Remedy and others. Customers using these software suites can immediately benefit from the emergence of sonicadmin for TelAlert since the solution serves to wirelessly extend the benefits of enterprise and service management solutions. sonicadmin for TelAlert is immediately available through both Sonic Mobility and Vytek Messaging worldwide distribution channels.

HP to release WM5 upgrade late Summer

HP is pleased to announce that we will be supporting the Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 5.0 for Pocket PC upgrade for the HP iPAQ Pocket PC.

HP will provide upgrades for the HP iPAQ hx4700, hx2000 series iPAQ Pocket PC.

The new Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 5.0 includes: ActiveSync 4.0, the most current synchronization software for faster management and transfer of information on your PC server

Improved Productivity Faster access to email and information

New Office Mobile Suite

Word Mobile for great document format support

Excel Mobile for better support when viewing and creating charts

PowerPoint Mobile for viewing and giving presentation on the go

Secure Device Management

Integrated Multimedia (Windows Media Player 10)

More support for media via services and the desktop

More options to use media to personalize devices

Persistent Store

Voice Command, which allows you to go hands free easily and safely

Pocket MSN, which permits one click access to MSN Hotmail and MSN Messenger Games

This offer will be made available in late Summer 2005. Please continue to check back on this website for release dates as well as language rollout dates.

Landing Page

ScotteVest Spoofs iPOD Commercial

Watch it here

June 1, 2005 SCOTTEVEST, INC. (SeV), the industry leader in functional fashion, released a web commercial parody of Apple’s iPod commercial. Apple’s commercial shows a dancer in silhouette with the iPod’s signature white wires flying around. SeV’s parody humorously portrays the inherent danger of dancing with wires dangling. The dancer gets tangled in the wires and trips. He then dons SeV’s patented Technology Enabled Clothing (TEC), which manages the wires through hidden conduits, and then dances with increased energy as the beat of the music intensifies. The commercial ends with an endorsement from a surprising source, Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple and SeV customer.

Woz was actually the inspiration for SeV’s commercial. When Scott Jordan, SCOTTEVEST CEO and Founder, discovered that Steve Wozniak was an online customer, he initiated an email correspondence. Much to his surprise, Woz replied within minutes. Scott asked how he had heard about SeV, Woz said his son is fan of the clothing line and added, “The SeV is the perfect accessory for an iPod.”

Jordan, a long-time iPod enthusiast and self-proclaimed gadget junkie, kept flashing back to Woz’s words every time he viewed the iPod commercial. “I kept seeing this great commercial for a product I love and all I could think of was that the dancer was going to trip,” said Jordan. “Then, it occurred to me to do a parody of the commercial. I explained my idea to Woz and he loved it, even agreeing to play the role of the dancer, if needed.

When asked whether he was concerned about Apple’s response to this commercial, Jordan replied, “Imitation is the best form of flattery. We are not competing with Apple, merely showing how our products work well together. I think that the iPod is an awesome product I use mine everyday and I wanted to show how our line of Technology Enabled Clothing makes using an iPod even better.” Before commencing production, Jordan, a lawyer in a past career, consulted with his attorneys who assured him that parodies are not violations of copyright law.

SCOTTEVEST offers a full line of Technology Enabled Clothing including vests, jackets, pants, shorts and hats. In conjunction with this commercial, SeV is introducing a full product line targeted at the iPod demographic-which is everyone, including one of SeV’s best known customers, President Bush. In addition to selling its own clothing line, the company’s patented technology is available for license to other clothing companies.

Consumers can order SCOTTEVEST products at or by calling 866.909.VEST (8378).

Media Contact Information:

Scott Jordan, CEO and Founder

PO Box 2626

Ketchum, Idaho 83340

cell – 312-493-9438

About Technology Enabled Clothing, Inc. – TEC

Founded in 2001, Technology Enabled Clothing (TEC) is the leader in the apparel industry as it relates to incorporating electronic equipment into clothing. TEC holds patent protection for the design and utility of incorporating third-party electronic devices and their wires into clothing. The company maintains strategic partnerships with significant contributors to the technology-driven garment industry including Xybernaut®, Global Solar®, Foster-Miller® and others. For more information regarding licensing TEC® technology, please visit

Technology Enabled Clothing –TEC® and SCOTTEVEST® are registered trademarks of SCOTTEVEST, Inc. Use of other trademarks in this press release is made in good faith for the purpose of describing the goods or services to which the mark relates or to accurately indicate compatibility with SCOTTEVEST Inc.’s goods or services.

The phrase “TEC Technology Enabled Clothing” is a registered trademark of SCOTTEVEST, INC. and should be used at all times with the federal trademark symbol identifying it as such. Please refrain from any further use of this phrase without this symbol to avoid any dilution of the strength of this mark. SCOTTEVEST, INC. will not hesitate to defend its intellectual property rights, including its trademark rights, to the full extent of the law upon finding any continued use of their marks in this manner.

Watch it here

Spb Product Discount

Spb Software House has released a number of new applications over the last few months. They have decided to prolong and extend the Spb Top 5 Discount program. If you own any of Spb’s consumer products, you get a 20% discount for purchasing any other Spb consumer product.

Spb Product Discount list:

Spb Pocket Plus Spb Weather Spb Diary Spb Pocket PC Tips & Tricks Spb Time Spb Imageer Spb GPRS Monitor Spb Full Screen Keyboard Spb Finance Spb Arkaball Spb Lines Spb FreeCell Spb Minesweeper Spb Gamepack

You can visit Spb HERE

It’s Carnival Time in Nürnberg, Germany

Exactly at 11:11 am on November 11, Carnival starts in SoftMaker’s hometown of Nürnberg “ world-famous all over Germany.

Samba in Rio? Bah! Mardi Gras? Forget it! We have carnival speeches, we dance the polonaise, and we drink way too much beer. Unexpected side effects of Carnival become apparent nine months later and go by the names of Hans and Franz.

Harebrained Pricing in Nürnberg, Germany.

It is customary to do harebrained things on the day Carnival starts. Following this tradition, SoftMaker will slash prices of TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Nyditot Virtual Display. You’ll be able to get many of our programs for pitiful amounts of money “ starting at $11.11 or EUR 11.11!

This offer is valid for exactly one day, which is about as long as they need to come to their senses again, and limited to 1,111 copies.

However: Carnival hasn’t yet begun in Nürnberg, Germany.

Their harebrained prices are valid from Thursday, 11:11 am German time.

Official countdown

Daves iPAQ 05262005 Podcast is up

Our weekly podcast is avaliable. If you use this and copy the address into your aggregator. Now you should be all set and automatically download any of our podcasts on the fly. Just like setting up a season pass in tivo! If you would not like to use an aggregator you can download the direct link here.

Today Steve and I talk about hot news items and a possible new giveaway courtesy of Microsoft

Show links:

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No Wifi Sync in WM5

iPAQ 6325 shows up

iPAQ 4700 Rom issues

Support the troops


Remote Display

SanDisk Sansa Mp3 Player

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