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Got a Sony PSP use it now to capture Podcasts

Well there is a new rom floating around for the Sony PSP which enables full web browsing. That being said I wanted to try out the capabilities of downloading podcasts using this new rom update. What I find amazing is that you now can download any podcast anywhere if you have your Sony PSP with you and a Wifi connection. Watch the video and be amazed…

Download the video and see how cool it really is.. Please right click and save as..

Full instructions on how to install the 2.0 Rom are here

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Dave’s Ipaq – Dave’s iPAQ Podcast #24 @ Dave’s iPAQ

Our weekly podcast is avaliable. If you use this and copy the address into your aggregator. Or you can use our Itunes feed here. Now you should be all set and automatically download any of our podcasts on the fly. Just like setting up a season pass in tivo! If you would not like to use an aggregator you can download the direct link by right clicking here.

Today we speak about the Motorola Q, Spectec Mini SD Wifi card and Jack makes his Ed McMahon debut!

Show links:

Motorola Announces the “Q”

Sandisk Wifi Card is a go on the hw6515

Mini SD Spectec Wifi Card

Will HP USA refuse non US 6500 warranties? Will HP USA refuse non US 6500 warranties?

Journal Bar no support 240×240 screens?

Pocket Italia hw6500 Review

HP stops Expansys importing non-Euro PDAs

Podcast Awards

Slingmedia Slingbox

No Busy Signal On h6300 Pocket PC Phone

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Dave’s Ipaq – Dave’s iPAQ Giveaway Continues in celebration of Windows Mobile 5 and Our 5 Year Anniversary @ Dave’s iPAQ

ALK Copilot LIVE (Qty 1) – CoPilot products have been evolving for almost a decade, benefitting from years of customer feedback and advances in technology. These features set the standard for GPS navigation systems and have been refined with each new CoPilot generation. GPS experts will enjoy these powerful new features while GPS enthusiasts will appreciate the innovative new design that makes it easier than ever to go anywhere.

Astraware Zuma (5 Copies) – Featuring all the fun and madness found in the online gaming favourite from PopCap. Zuma features colourful graphics that reflect the ancient South American civilizations and is accompanied by a panpipe music soundtrack and chanted sound effects to give a Zumaic flavour.

Astraware Mazera (5 Copies) – Kidnapped as a young boy by the Mazerians and put on display in their alien zoo, Ix’s day begins as it always has, but today there’s something in his living space he hasn’t seen before, an unusual plant that gives him the means to escape..

Boxwave Cleartouch (Qty 3) – ClearTouch Anti-Glare is the perfect blend of anti-glare and optical clarity! Engineered to enhance your display, its numerous features provide you with more than protection from scratches! Experience the benefits yourself, and see why many others are now using ClearTouch Anti-Glare to enhance and protect their touchscreens!

Boxwave FlexiSkin(Qty 3) – BoxWave’s FlexiSkin is a new soft case that gives you complete usability of your HP iPAQ hx4710 while it’s protected! It’s durable, soft to the touch, and because it can stretch and flex, FlexiSkin helps cushion your HP iPAQ hx4710 from bumps and hard knocks. Usable and protective, FlexiSkin the new protective case for your HP iPAQ hx4710!

Boxwave Mobile Charging Kit(Qty 3) – The miniSync – Mobile Charging Kit is the complete solution to ensure your T-Mobile iPAQ h6315 has power in any environment!Also, because you’ll have the miniSync, you won’t be left without the ability to synchronize your T-Mobile iPAQ h6315 to your computer

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Dave’s Ipaq – Battery Pack Pro — New version 2 @ Dave’s iPAQ

Power Time

World time view. See where it’s daylight, or check when your friends / customers are awake or at work.

Gets the latest exchange rates & weather conditions for each city.


* Battery Bar can now show up to 6 items. * Battery Bar shows Power Time information. * New Power Application brings all Power… components together for the first time. * Fully Windows Mobile 5.0 compatible. * English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Traditional Chinese, Catalan.

When does $10 get you $50?

When you upgrade from an older version of Battery Pack / Battery Pack Pro or any other battery monitor product you purchased – get the latest version of Battery Pack Pro with Power Time for just $9.99, and get a free copy of 1-Pass (total value $49.98). Offer expires July 31st 2005.

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Dave’s Ipaq – Remote File Access for Windows Mobile-Based Pocket PCs and Smartphones @ Dave’s iPAQ

Bachmann Software (, a leader in wireless productivity software for handhelds and Smartphones, today announced FilePoint Exchange for Windows Mobile, a new software product enabling remote desktop file access from a wireless PocketPC or Smartphone.

Using FilePoint Exchange, PDA and Smartphone users can wirelessly connect to their home or work computer and browse their computer’s folders and mapped network drives, or quickly find their files using Bachmann’s remote desktop search feature powered by Google Desktop Search. Users of FilePoint Exchange can then wirelessly download their documents, spreadsheets and other files directly to their handheld, where they may be viewed, edited, printed or even emailed to others. Full security is maintained during all data transmissions due to FilePoint’s system of passwords strong encryption.

“Just about everybody has found themselves in a situation where they need a critical document or other important file, only to realize it is back at their office desktop or network,” noted Glenn Bachmann, founder and president of Bachmann Software. “Our goal with FilePoint Exchange is to offer today’s wireless handheld and Smartphone users an easy-to-use, safe and secure method of accessing their files whenever and wherever they need them”.

“We are excited Bachmann Software has extended FilePoint Exchange to Windows Mobile-based device users,” said Jeff McKean, product manager, Mobile & Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. “This remote access tool is a powerful complement to Windows Mobile, enabling business users to stay connected to their most critical information – and allowing functionality to view and edit these documents any time, any where.”

Pricing and Availability

FilePoint Exchange is available for purchase at for $39.99. To place an order, or find out more about FilePoint Exchange as well as Bachmann’s full range of file, print and networking solutions for handhelds and smartphones, contact Bachmann Software Sales at (973) 729 9427, email, or visit the Bachmann Software web site at

About Bachmann Software

< /subhead> Bachmann Software is a leading provider of wireless software products for Palm OS, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS handhelds and smartphones. The company’s premier products include PrintBoy(TM), FilePoint(TM) and Bachmann Mobile Backup(TM), which extend key features such as printing, network compatibility, file access and backup/restore, normally associated with desktop computers and laptops, to handheld devices.

For more information, please visit HERE

All products, services and company names are trademarks, registered trademarks or services marks of their respective owners.

Bachmann Software & Services

Julie Spaulding, 973-729-9427

Dave’s Ipaq – Breakthrough Mobile User Experience to Java Phone Market @ Dave’s iPAQ

Shattering the mobile usability barrier, Action Engine Corporation , the mobile application platform leader, today announced plans to bring their breakthrough Action Engine Mobile Application Platform and Brand-n-Go Mobile Applications Pack to Java-enabled mobile phones. With Java support, the same intuitive, responsive, and personalized Action Engine user experience people have enjoyed on Windows Mobile and Symbian devices will be possible on the millions of phones and devices running the Java platform.

Available in September, the Java version of Action Engine Mobile Application Platform will let wireless subscribers access news, weather, sports scores, driving directions, and more on their Java phones using 80% fewer keystrokes and getting results 20x faster than with the phone’s browser. With the Action Engine Mobile Application Platform, Java phones remember a subscriber’s most recent requests, learn their preferences and usage patterns, and then tailor and refine their operation to better meet a subscriber’s needs over time.

“Java is the most ubiquitous development platform for mobile applications,” said John Jackson, senior analyst of the Yankee Group. “Sixty percent of all handsets sold worldwide in 2005 will support Java, and the installed base of handsets exceeds 500 million devices. Action Engine’s port to Java benefits mobile operators and users by delivering highly intuitive access to mobile Java applications.”

Ted Wugofski, chief technology officer of Action Engine , added, “By expanding our addressable market base through support for Java devices, we can offer mobile operators the ability to give millions of frustrated data services users a better alternative for accessing content wirelessly. Our Java release will set a new standard for what subscribers should expect when using data services on their mobile devices.”

The Java version of the Action Engine Mobile Application Platform is being built using the Java MIDP 2.0 specification. When completed, the Java version of the Action Engine Mobile Application Platform will be small enough in size to be provisioned over-the-air to a mobile device. The Java release will also maintain the favorite features that Action Engine has become known for, including integration between Action Engine Mobile Application Platform applications, as well as with the phone’s email, contacts, calendar, dialer, and SMS/MMS functions. Only integrated Action Engine application suites meet the subscriber’s demand for multi-function user-friendly mobile applications.

For more information on the Java version of the Action Engine Mobile Application Platform, please read the technical brief HERE , or call 425-498-1500 or email

About Action Engine

Action Engine Corporation, the mobile application platform company, delivers a breakthrough in mobile application usability. The Action Engine Mobile Application Platform’ introduces a browserless, client/server approach to accessing transaction-oriented online services that takes 80% fewer keystrokes and drives 20x faster response times than browser-based alternatives. The turnkey Brand-n-Go’ applications pack enables wireless operators to go to market in unprecedented timeframes with intuitive, responsive and personalized applications that create an addictive user experience. The company’s software has been deployed by a robust list of global wireless operators that include Orange SA, mmO2 and SMART Communications, Inc. Additional information is available at (425) 498-1500, and

Action Engine Mobile Application Platform and Brand-n-Go are trademarks of Action Engine Corporation. All other products and brand names are trademarks of their respective owners.


Anne Baker Director of Marketing Action Engine +1 425-498-1527

Dave’s Ipaq –

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Cradle for a rx3115

Hi I’m looking for a sync/charge cradle for my rx3115. What other ipaq model cradles would work? Also, Is it possible to install a digital camera on the rx3115?
Thanks. jonrc.

07-11-2005, 10:28 PM   #2

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USB Cradle for the rx3115 also compatible with the following models: Hx2110 Hx2110 Hx2410 Hx4700 Hx4700


Rx3115 Rz1710 Rz1710 Rz1715 Rz1715


The “Original” Moderator, Dave’s iPAQ

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Thanks David. Just what i was looking for. Take care, jonrc.


Dave’s Ipaq –

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6365, or pda+GPRS ??? HI, there, Im new to here n checked topics which mentioned the cpu speed n many built-in function like BT, Wifi; Actually, Im so confused, sigh. :- P How would it be if I choose a nice pda and plug a GPRS module? it will cost too much? or almost as much as 6365? Any advice appreciated.


07-08-2005, 03:40 AM   #2

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Well if you purchase a PDA that has built in bluetooth you can actually connect to a cellphone that has bluetooth and use GPRS like that.

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The GPRS modules are actually quite expensive and bulky. They are also Compact Flash, which limits which PDA you can use. I tested a Dell Axim x50 with the GPRS card. The unit will not fit in a case with the card and it has to be manually connected. It is not very practical unless it is for sporadic use. If you are wanting to stay up to date with emal and such, I would not suggest this approach.


07-11-2005, 11:40 AM   #4



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Depending on your budget you might want to get the 6315 or wait for the 6500. The 6500 is a big improvement over the 6315 and includes GPS. I used the my iPAQ 4350 with my bluettoth phone for the longest time and it worked great. Although I would be ahard pressed to go back to that since getting the 6315 and 6500. The convienece of one device is too great.

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So I chose to go for the 4700, as I didn’t want a PDA/Phone combo. Ithen use a CF GPRS/GSM card with it when I want to connect to the internet and I’m not within a wireless network. This suits me as I use the GPRS connection just occassionally, and I like to always carry a small lightweight cell phone.

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