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Dave’s Ipaq – Daves iPAQ Podcast #16 @ Dave’s iPAQ

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Today Jack, Steve and I talk about Tech Ed, HTC Universal and of course the iPAQ.

Show links:

Tivo To Go

Push Email a necessity or hype?

Logitech diNovo Cordless Desktop

Dale Coffing HTC Universal Review

Dave co-hosting KLAV radio in Los Vegas

Skweezer Pro Winners

Apple Support top notch!

Photos of the new Intel Chip on the Macintosh

Credit Photo’s

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UPDATE: Virtual Keyboard Review

We have been lucky to work with the folks over at iBIZ to get an exclusive of the new iBIZ Virtual Keyboard. In this review we will go over the software install process, fuctionality and ease of use. Many sites have labeled this product vaporware but as you can see we have it. The Virtual Keyboard leverages the power of laser and infrared technology and projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface. As you type on the laser projection, it analyzes what you’re typing by the coordinates of that location.

Once we received the virtual keyboard I was able to talk with a representative of iBIZ to explain the current situation. As many of you are aware of the litigation issues going on with this keyboard, I was assured that iBIZ is currently looking into a redundant supply chain so the minute we hear they are ready to ship you will know.

The virtual keyboard comes with adapters for Palm, PocketPC, USB, Serial and a power cable to charge the device. In order to load the software driver the user needs to copy the appropriate device driver onto the iPAQ and launch the cab file. Once this process is complete the user will find an icon in the program tab of the iPAQ. Once the application come up you are prompted with a considerable amount of options to select from. First the user would need to click on the “Enable VKB” to create the partnership with the device. Once this happens you will hear a notification beep that the unit has accepted the relationship. Once you enable the relationship you can then select the intensity of the laser that is appropriate for your surface.

When you click over to the properties tab you have an option for sensitivity of your fingertips. We found that setting number 6 was just right for our liking. You will also notice an auto repeat tab that we chose not to select due to the higher success rates we were able to obtain. Another great feature in the software is the ability to see how much power you have left in the device!

As you can see in this picture the unit projected beautifully and I was pleasantly surprised. It took us about an hour to get used to the typing style and also for us to get the feel of typing on a flat surface. I liked the overall clarity of the projection and also was impressed with the availability of an up,down,left,right arrow this was a nice touch and responded appropriately.

The only downfall that I noticed was that iBIZ might have thought of also including a universal docking station for the iPAQ. If you look at our photo’s you will notice the iPAQ was laying down and the cable supplied was extremely short. I was able to utilize on of my own universal cradles which made the typing experience enjoyable. During this time we were also able to achieve around three and a half hours of typing time before we had to charge the Lithium Ion battery.

Overall I feel iBIZ has delivered a stellar product. The projector was extremely durable and well manufactured. We did notice though the classic two fingered hunt and peck style of typing works best with the Virtual Keyboard. Which, if you use it with your iPAQ could be heaps faster than using a tiny on screen keyboard or handwriting recognition entry. If you are a geek like I am then you will love this unit.

Read the letter from Ken Schilling, CEO iBIZ

Dave’s Ipaq – iTECH Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard — A Real Taste of Virtual Reality!! @ Dave’s iPAQ

One very “COOL” device that promises to be the
“Accessory of the Year”!

Some months back, we heard about a Virtual Keyboard that was about to marketed to the “Tech” Community. Of course there was a lot of hype…a lot of discussion…and many who felt it was just not real!

Well folks, it is real, it is terrific, it is accurate, and it is Bluetooth!!

A new era of wireless mobile communications is about to begin with the introduction of the world’s first wireless Virtual Keyboard by iTECH. The Bluetooth VKB is an enhanced version of their Virtual Keyboard (VKB), which is a tiny device slightly larger than a pack of gum that projects a full-size keyboard on any flat surface through a unique system using infrared technology. Truly, we are about to enter into an era of unprecedented convenience!

Dave’s iPAQ was fortunate and extremely pleased to be asked to review the iTECH Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard. Of course, I was honored to be among the first to actually test a device that was “virtual”. I must admit that prior to actually seeing and working with it, I was a bit skeptical as to its real abilities but after spending some serious time with it on several of my iPAQs, I can tell you that this is one very “cool” device that promises to be the “Accessory of the Year”!

Several weeks went by from the first conversation I had with the folks at Power Positioning (2P) Ltd. They are a worldwide company specializing in online marketing, Search Engines Optimization and worldwide distribution and promotion of technology products. During that time, I had several conversations about this product, its anticipated announcement, and when the Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard would actually be released to the public. Most importantly, I was able to learn a little about the folks I was dealing with. They were a group of kind, caring, dedicated professionals that were absolute believers in the quality and the function of their product. It was because of these conversations that my excitement over the BTVKB (Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard) began to grow.

I received a call last week saying that my BTVKB would be shipped on Monday and that I would get it two days later. I just couldn’t wait for the time to pass—I wanted to see and use this keyboard. Finally FedEx delivered it within 10 minutes of the expected delivery time (I love the ability to track a shipment on the web). I wanted to “tear” open the box to look inside but NO—I need to take a picture first!

As I have said several times before in past reviews, presentation means a lot to me. The keyboard just wasn’t encased in some plastic covering, it was placed in a well designed box meant to give you a feeling that you were about to open something special — and you were!

Inside, neatly placed in a form fit container, I found the keyboard, a very nice leather case that had a soft protective interior, a charger, a mini CD with the drivers and software, and a Quick Start Guide. Each item was packaged in plastic to protect it. I tore open the plastic on each item to look at each piece. I actually tore the quick start guide as I hurriedly tried to get the CD out of its package.

Dave’s Ipaq –

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New Rom updates?

I recently did the updates found in this form Home » Forums » Previous HP iPAQ Models » HP iPAQ 22xx Discussion » BIOS & Firmware Update for h22XX, a Step-by-Step Guide When it was completed I could no longer start the program pocket e-sword at all, even after reloading it. I can only get to the today settings menu by going through the start menu, going down to settings then choose the”today” icon. I should be able to hit the start button, and choose the”today” settings icon which is still at the top of my menu, but all I get is a sound like it has been chosen but it never comes up. Same with the pocket e-sword, it recognizes that I have tapped on the icon, but it does not start the progam. Should I reload the new ROM again? Should I go back to the old ROM settings. Also, I did the bluetooth updates, and I don’t know if it might have been one of those. Nothing else has changed except for thoes updates. Thanks in advance,


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Jim What ROM update did you do?

When you did the ROM update, all programs were gone…correct?

__________________ Jack Cook Senior Editor, Dave’s iPAQ

Microsoft MVP-Windows Mobile Devices

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Dave’s Ipaq – Do I really need a ruggedized Pocket PC? @ Dave’s iPAQ

This is an excellent case for your iPAQ if you are going to be in conditions that would normally have an adverse effect on your iPAQ. Whether or not you’re climbing a mountain, boating on the water or skiing on the slopes, this case will absolutely protect your investment. When you see the product, you will absolutely understand why they can give you their unconditional lifetime guarantee and why I give it my highest rating.




Small form factor Well Designed, Solid protection Universal fit for a variety of handhelds Waterproof, crushproof, drop-proof Replaceable screen membrane


Absolutely NONE!


5 out of 5

To find out more about the OtterBox Armor 1900, you can visit OtterBox here.

But wait—there is more!

Dave’s Ipaq –

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I would love for all your support and for all of you to stop by in the chat room and listen to the show live now. I am excited to let all of you know I have been asked by John Iasiuolo to occasionally co-host his popular Computer Outlook Radio show. The radio station is KLAV 1230 AM. The Internet streaming broadcast is located at the Computer website. The live show is Internet broadcasted through Windows Media Player or Itunes.

This is a huge opportunity for the site and gives all of you opportunity to either call in live or listen to the show over the internet. I will be co-hosting tomorrow’s show where we will interview Tim Bourquin of the Portable Media Expo event in November which we are a media sponsor of the event. Please join me tonight as I co-host the show.. I would really appreciate your support during my first show.

Chat Room

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Dave’s Ipaq – School Bus Rider Authentication System @ Dave’s iPAQ

IBUS was developed in response to the desires of schools to help protect the youth of America before, during and after school.

By positively identifying and tracking students through intelligent identification technologies, a GPS tracking system, and an interactive web site, school administrators know where students are from the time they step onto the bus, through school, until to the time they return home.

The information, automatically generated from the location aware system, can be used for detailed fiscal reimbursement and comprehensive reporting, efficient bus routing, time and attendance, and more. Some potential additional uses for the reports generated by IBUS include Medicaid Reimbursements, Route and Student Mileage Reports, Pay-Per-Ride Invoicing, Driver Logs, and Precise Transportation Reports.

BUS was developed in response to the desires of schools to help protect the youth of America before, during and after school.

By positively identifying and tracking students through intelligent identification technologies, a GPS tracking system, and an interactive web site, school administrators know where students are from the time they step onto the bus, through school, until to the time they return home.

The information, automatically generated from the location aware system, can be used for detailed fiscal reimbursement and comprehensive reporting, efficient bus routing, time and attendance, and more. Some potential additional uses for the reports generated by IBUS include Medicaid Reimbursements, Route and Student Mileage Reports, Pay-Per-Ride Invoicing, Driver Logs, and Precise Transportation Reports.

Dave’s Ipaq – HP Bluetooth Headphones @ Dave’s iPAQ

Loading the software was easier than expected. The user guide was clear and concise in directions. I soft reset my device, establish a connection with my iPAQ to my desktop computer via ActiveSync, installed the software (it took seconds) and reset my device again.

Pairing the two devices was even easier. I turned on the Bluetooth function on my iPAQ, pressed the Multi Function button in the center of the right earpiece for about ten seconds until the light flashed red and blue. On my iPAQ, I selected New, then High Quality Audio Setup from the Bluetooth connection types. An icon of a man wearing a headset appeared as it discovered the iPAQ headphones for the first time; it then prompted me for a Passkey. Entering 0000, the shortcut was created and I was listening to my MP3s in seconds.

The entire process…maybe 4 minutes and that was because I was double checking myself so I could write the steps I took for this review. It was incredibly easy, very quick and brought me to listening to my music instantaneously. It was a very impressive setup!

From that point on, using the headphones is simple. Turn on Bluetooth on the iPAQ, turn on the headphones by pressing the multi-function button, click on the headphone icon, and voila…your ready to go!

To turn the Bluetooth Headphones on, push and hold the Multi Function button for two seconds until the blue light flashes or if you’re wearing the phones, you will hear a unique sound indicating that the phones are on. To turn the Bluetooth Headphones off, press and hold the Multi Function button for two seconds, until the light flashes red and goes off or if you are still wearing the headphones, there is a similar but different sound indicating the phones are turned off. Very cool!

As you are listening to your music, you have the ability to pause the audio by pressing the Multi Function button and then you can resume play by pressing the Multi Function button again. Of course, you can track forward by pressing the Forward button, marked > or track backward by pressing the Back button marked

Dave’s Ipaq – New Cases for New iPAQs – CASESONLINE @ Dave’s iPAQ

They have it all…………… Quality Leather – Outstanding Craftsmanship – Professional

With the introduction of the new line of iPAQs, there had to be several new lines of cases that would appear. For me, there was only one case that I would consider…CASESONLINE!

The reason is simple; the products they produce are of the highest quality leather coupled with superior craftsmanship. I have had a variety of different cases with all my iPAQs but none have had the consistency that CASESONLINE has. In addition, I like a case that has a professional appearance but one that clearly is functional. Protecting your iPAQ is clearly the number one concern but if you can protect it and add additional functionality then you have a superior case.

In this latest round up of new cases, CASESONLINE has designed a unique means of securing your iPAQ to your case. For many of these new cases, there is a new holder that they reference as the unique iPAQ Pocket PC molded box. The clip is a sturdy plastic type material that has a non-slip leather type material on the inside of the clip. The clip is adjustable and will fit ALL iPAQs.

When I first saw the clip, I was a bit skeptical but within seconds after investigating the material and its construction, I was very impressed. But seeing is believing so I tried it on ALL my iPAQs. Guess what?….it fits all of them! This is very cool…one design…all your iPAQs.

I have added a 3715 to my ever growing collection of iPAQs and deciding on the case I would choose was easy although the style I would eventually pick was a difficult choice. For the 3700 series, CASESONLINE has five styles to choose from; each suited for specific needs that a user might have. The styles that are available are the Slim, Flip, Belt, ePortable and ePersonel.