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Losing wireless settings

Hi, my 5555 has recently been losing it’s settings for the various wi-fi networks I use, the wep key needs re-entered and the listed networks in the wireless tab goes blank. It does not lose date/time or any other variables, just the wireless settings. Any Ideas??

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I had the same problem recently. Don’t know what caused it, but a regular hard-reset did not fix it either, although I did finally get it to work.

I had to run a “downgrade” for the WIFI Driver (went from up-to-date version down to, turn off the WIFI adapater, then hard reset. After the hard reset, it still wouldn’t work until I re-upgraded the ROM BIOS to current.

Have you updated your BIOS to version ENG 1.10.10? If not, check out my “Step-by-step Guide” for the h5555…

Good luck!

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