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Notifications not working I wander around my office with my PPC, which syncs over bluetooth. When new mail shows up on my desktop, ActiveSync sends it along just fine, and PocketBreeze tells me that I have unread mail. But, although I have notifications enabled and a sound selected, it doesn’t play a sound, flash an LED, or anything else. From I’ve tried some other notifications, and they don’t seem to work either. I DO have sound, however,and reminders for calendar events work fine. Any suggestions are welcome…thanx.


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Greetings Alphecca! Welcome to Dave’s iPAQ!

Because your sound works fine with other applications, I would presume that the PocketBreeze applet is not working properly. I am not familiar with this product, but I would hazzard a guess that additional settings need to be enabled. Or, if you are using their “regular” or “freeware” version, maybe you only get the advance notification when you purchase a “pro” or “paid” version.

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