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Password Protection! Help! My 18 month old son got ahold of my PocketPc and managed to password protect it! When I turn it on or reset it I get a prompt for a 4 digit code. Anyone have any ideas or software that might be able to help me out with this???? Short of trying every combination I’m stumped! I really don’t want to do a hard reset because there is info on there that isn’t backed up!

Thanks in advance!

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Hey there – I think you may be out of luck here – which if you think about it, is really a good thing. I’m not sure that we would want software out there anywhere that could get around a password. After 10 attempts with the password, it will prompt you to do a hard reset. You should be able to resync your data back from your PC, and to reinstall any added programs , go into ActiveSync on your PC, and click on Tools, Add/Remove Programs. Also – your son must be pretty smart ??? I think my son at that age would have just chewed it to death?


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