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Targus stowaway works on 2002 – not on 2003?

Hey gang, I just got a Targus Stowaway keyboard on ebay. It has the little converter connector that makes it work with both the 31/36/37 series AND the 38/39 series. The latest driver from targus is 1.6. The keyboard works like a charm on a 3950 with Windows 2002. However – on a 3950 with WM2003 – it behaves very oddly. The first keypress always repeats – and that includes after a minute or two pause. So If I type a sentence the first letter repeats. Then if I pause for a few seconds the next letter typed will repeat. I’ve tried playing with all the repeat settings. I could live with that – but the real problem is it makes the machine lock up and not want to power on without a soft reset. It’s a really nice keyboard – but if it doesn’t work in 2003 – it’s almost useless.

Anyone have one of these that is working on WM2003?

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After a little detective work, I solved my own problem. It turns out that Stowaway (the makers of the keyboard – Targus just rebrands it) – have a newer driver that works with WM2003. You have to uninstall the Targus driver. Download the newer driver here:


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Glad to see that you got it working.

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