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ActiveSync Email Question. OKay, I have tried searching the forums (and google), and i cant find an answer to this one. Hopefully someone can help. On my Desktop PC, i have my default inbox. From there in my personal folders, i have other folders (for my other email addresses) So, when i get new mail, and it Syncs with my PPC, i get all my emails in the separate folders on my PPC. BUT…. on the Today screen, it will ONLY alert me that i have “Unread messages” in the Default inbox, and not the other folders. If i have unread SMS, or MMS, it will tell me on the today screen. And again, as mentioned above it will tell me on the Today Screen that i have unread messages in the default ActiveSync Inbox, but not the other folders. Is there a fix for this? Thanks


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Sorry I don’t know of any seeing that I don’t use AS for the Inbox. Heck I even went into the registry and deleted the key that makes it appear in the poutlook. I would look on google to help you out, but honestly I don’t know the search words that I would use! lol =(

Sorry mate

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