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5550 bluetooth to blackberry wireless modem? I have a 5550 and use it with TomTom GPS software. TomTom recently announced new routing features that include checking weather and traffic when determining the best route between two points. Since the 5550 isn’t a phone I was thinking about getting a Blackberry 7250 and trying to create a bluetooth connection between the 5550 and the Blackberry’s wireless modem. My thinking is that that would provide the TomTom software the internet connection that is needed to download the traffic information. Anyone have any thoughts? Has anyone tried to make a Bluetooth connection to a Blackberry and use the Blackberry as a modem connection to the internet? Thanks,


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My only suggestion is that you confirm with blackberry that their unit will allow bridging of other devices to your data connection via Bluetooth. Surprisingly, a lot of manufacturers will purposely sever the connection between the data service (GPRS for example) and bluetooth so that the internet connection cannot be shared between devices…

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