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blue tooth keyboard problems

I purchased a hp bluetooth keyboard and I love it except….
Whenever I select function and end to send the cursor to the end of the page it goes but it imputs a # sign at the end when it gets there, also one other thing…. sometimes after I type and I want to move the directional arrows on the keyboard to move the cursor up accross or whatever it won’t respond. However, if I there is a space between the cursor and the last word I typed it will work. I tried to enter into the options to see if these things were accidentally inputed however I couldn’t find anything.

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you may want to try the new HP bluetooth keyboard patch from HP…

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handymanski I agree with tom_tui, try the new updated driver. Here is a link to the news item I put up about the new driver.

Check to see if your iPAQ is listed: HP BT Keyboard Driver Update

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I have already looked at your update but it doesn’t mention the 4700 as one of the models which can be updated with a patch. Any other ideas? Or do you think I should try it anyway?

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What about completely unistallin the software and then re-installing? Do you have the same problem i do with it draining batteries all the time? Regards


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ya know mark it did drain the batteries rather quickly. I guess I could install the software again. thanks.

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