6 Shooter Showdown: Poker on eleven wireless carriers

6 Shooter Showdown: Poker invites you to keep your guns handy while you sharpen your poker game in this Western-themed setting. Anyone can deal the cards but can you pull a fast one on your opponents? Are your eyes sharp enough to catch them at the same game? Depending on your style of play, your gunplay may improve faster than your poker skills. Specialize in the raw power of the rifle or the blazing speed of the unexpected derringer. Don’t bother playing 6 Shooter Showdown: Poker if you don’t have a gun to defend yourself.

Get your 6-shooter loaded-and-ready, choose between Texas Hold ’em and Five Card Draw with additional variations such as Wild Cards or Low Spade. Prove yourself by earning enough money in the Casino, then raise the stakes by taking a seat in the Saloon where cheating is possible. If you think someone’s cheating on you, draw your gun and accuse them. Choose between the rifle, derringer, or 6-shooter—each with its own strengths. Enjoy a great new take on the massively popular card game set in an intricate, gritty new world. This is the first of many 6 Shooter Showdown games set in this mythical corner of the wild west.

“This is our finest original work so far,” said John Greiner, president of Hudson Entertainment. “Our parent company Hudson Soft is famous for Bomberman and many classic games. Now we have produced a title that raises the bar on card games. For pure fun and superb graphics, it can’t be beat.”

Critics have also praised 6 Shooter Showdown: Poker: “Probably the most creative entry we’ve seen in the genre,” said Steve Palley, GameSpot Mobile. “It has more variety and personality than most mobile games in any category.”

“6 Shooter Showdown: Poker really nails the atmosphere of the Wild West,” said Levi Buchanan, IGN Wireless. “The fact that the game coincides with not only poker’s hot streak but the successful second season of ‘Deadwood’ is some kind of marketing genius.”

Developed by Spidermonk Entertainment, the game is available today on Alltel, BellSouth Ecuador, Midwest Wireless, nTelos, Telecomunicaciones Movilnet, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Verizon Wireless Dominican Republic, Verizon Wireless Puerto Rico, VIVO, and Western Wireless with many more carriers including Nextel, Rogers Wireless, Sprint, and Telus currently preparing to launch as well.

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