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Email notification problem, GPRS causes unit to switch on – is this all “normal”? Hi all, Last week I purchased the Italian version of the iPAQ 6340, thinking it would do everything that it says on the box, straight out of the box! Unfortunately things are not that straightforward and now that I have read through this great Forum I see that other people have had a lot of grief out of this machine and its cousins. I still have 3 days to hand the device back to the shop under their “no quibble” guarantee. After that I am in the hands of the Italian HP Support (they have already hung up on me 4 times today, and all have different answers to my same questions). So I need to decide whether to keep this baby and take the ride or to just call it a day. Here are my problems: 1) I have set the pop3 account to auto-check email every 25minutes. The first time it checks, it connects itself to GPRS which is fine. (and stays connected). When I receive an email, I sometimes get the sound/vibrating notifiation I set up, but other times I do not. Support told me maybe it was because I had too many applications running and suggested I terminated all applications. I have tried this and although maybe it’s a bit better, I still get unannounced emails arriving!!! 2) The iPAQ seems to automatically turn itself on every 10 minutes or so if GPRS is connected. Is this normal? If the keyboard is attached it will cause the iPAQ to beep. 3) There is no ROM update for the Italian version yet, and I value the guarantee too much to play with a hack. From what I understand, the only way I will be able to connect my PC to the internet via the 6340’s GPRS is with a ROM update?? Can connections only be done through bluetooth or also through the USB cable? 4) Most people in this forum seem to have had WIFI connection problems at home, whereas HotSpots worked fine… well for me, it’s the opposite! I set up a wifi connection with my PC pretty easily, and I can sync through WIFI. However I have tried connecting to free accesspoints around town and cannot establish a connection (everybody else around has no problem with their notebooks). The best I get is “connecting” if I actually chose a connection to connect to and force it to connect. – Is this still the AC power supply explanation? 5) This is one is less important. PDF Clearvue seems to scramble my PDF documents making them unreadable! Please somebody help! I have to decide whether these problems are resolvable in the next few days to know whether I should keep the unit!!


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