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I need some help with downloads okay so I need some advice on what to download to be able to surf the net effectively. I have downloaded flashplayer for ppc but I am still missing some kind of plugin or something to help me see what is on the screen. Can anyone shoot me a link with all the most popular downloads so I can see what I need? unfortunately I am the only person I know that uses a 4700, actually I’m the only person I know that actually uses their pocket pc a lot. Other people have them but they don’t use them. Kinda weird huh? I talked to the wife of an architect last week and she didn’t know about syncing his schedule with their home computer to see if he had appointments. She said that this was his second one but that he just keeps letting it run out of batteries so he never uses it. I find that there are some of these kinda people out there and the rest of them that I meet seem to be happy with the software the unit comes with. I would love to join a club in my area so I could meet people who want to use their ppc’s to its full potential.
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I need some advice on what to download to be able to surf the net effectively

So I’m not too sure what you mean here. Does Internet Explorer not do it effectively? A PocketPC club sounds like a great idea – Hmm, maybe we should all start one in our area?


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