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having problem with my 3115 ipaq

i got a hp ipaq 3115 from a freind and it has french windows mobile on it how can i fix it to be english or can i go somewhere and download english because i gant get in it

thanks in advance….

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Officially there is no way to convert lanquages on a Pocket PC Device. HP does not warranty devices made and sold for other countries. Example, a French model made to be sold in Europe will not be warrantied in Asia or US.

Unoffically, some people have been known to hack ROM Update Files to allow other lanquages to be loaded. To date HP has not released a ROM update for this model so there is nothing for the hackers to work with. So your options are to send it back or sell it on eBay and buy an English model, or learn some French while you wait for a ROM update to come out.

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thanks for your reply………….