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Hi there, Are there any hx4700 users which are using the ScreenLock program?

You can find the software over here.

It’s a very handy tool that locks the screen and hardware buttons, but keeps the Pocket PC “alive”, which could be handy while playing MP3’s or downloading large files, etc. The problem is that I CANNOT turn of the lock anymore.

The description says: “just press on the left most hardware button (first button) and the right most hardware button (forth button) simultaneously.”

The first button should be CONTACTS and the forth button should be ITASK. Well, I can assure that it doesn’t work with these two and I really tried about EVERY other combination of hardware buttons. The only solution for now was to softreset the hx4700, in order to shutdown ScreenLock. Who has the solution?




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The link you supplied has a “Support” email that you can use, regarding your issue.
Did you try that?

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