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iPAQ hx2755 full ROM update Has anyone heard what is going to be included in the iPAQ hx2755 full ROM update? There’s a few bugs I’ve found, and others people, such as switching on by itself, not being able to switch it on, sound not loud enough, etc. Also, probably a ‘feature’ not a bug, the IR signal needs a boost. I also hope that if Media Player 10 is included in the update, a bug associated with that (assigning functions to hardware buttons) is fixed. I noticed this bug on my rx3715. Cheers SAI


HP is currently planning to release a full ROM update beginning in May 2005 that will address the two issues listed in this document, as well as including other enhancements and fixes. Customers who are not experiencing the issues listed in this SoftPaq are advised to wait until the May 2005 update is released before applying a ROM update to their handhelds, as this update only addresses the two listed issues. Customers who are experiencing the listed issues are advised to apply this ROM update to resolve the listed issues.

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Still keepin my fingers crossed on this one bud. SOme people think the delay is for WM2005, which is supposed to be announced sometime this week.

That would be great and all, but I would just like to be able to start my day without having to do a soft-reset.

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