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Calendar notifications (alarms) dont sound GMT time zone

Any one have an explaination for this:- I had the same problem on an IPAQ 2210 and now have it with a 4700: 1) When a calendar reminder comes due, the reminder alarm (sound, LED and screen message) fails to activate (but regular ‘alarms’ work okay). This is the case whether the IPAQ is off or on. 2) Wakeuptweak etc doesn’t fix it, though it does appear to be the result of a ‘house keeping’ task going wrong. 3) If you run checknotification then some yearly calendar events are present, but none of the calendar events for that day. 4) If you temporarily switch time zones (say from UK – GMT to USA) and back again, then the calendar events for that day are ‘loaded’ (they appear in the ‘checknotifications list’) and they will sound, but the following day you’re back to the no reminder problem. Interestingly, when reminders do sound, they’re at the correct time, but they’re tagged with the wrong time zone time (eg if set for 8am UK, they’ll appear with the USA 3am ‘tag’) 5) If I permanately change time zone to USA eastern (GMT-5) then the unit works perfectly (at least for the 2 weeks I tried it), if I switch back to GMT (or to European – GMT+1) the fault always reappears the following day (at least the 4 times I’ve tried this) 6) I’ve repeated this following a hard reset and just syncing with outlook (i.e. it’s not caused by some other program I have loaded, it seems to be some combination of being on a GMT time zone, and the data I have in my outlook calendar


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Welcome to Dave’s Ipaq. Have you checked the timezone on your PC? Make sure that it matches the timezone on your IPAQ.


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