A Membership…An Easy Question…A Simple Answer…And YOU WIN!!

That’s right folks…you can be a winner of one of many terrific giveaways we have just by joining Dave’s iPAQ and answering an easy question. It might take a bit of time to search for an answer…but that is what makes it fun.

We are fortunate to have some terrific sponsors that believe in Dave’s iPAQ and have donated some great stuff for us to give to you…for FREE!!

Just this week we plan to give away the following items:

5 Copies of Delorme Street Atlas

3 Copies of DVD to PocketPC

7 Rubberized cases from CasesOnline

5 copies of Agenda Fusion by Developer One

3 ANYTHING sold by JavoEdge

1 Convergent Technologies GSM/GPRS CF Card

It is our hope that you enjoy this site especially with the new re-design. We will continue to offer the latest news and reviews of HP iPAQ’s, Pocket PC software and accessories. Our award-winning discussion forums attract handheld enthusiasts and users from more than 150 countries…folks just like you that are looking to share information on their iPAQ experience.

So join Dave’s iPAQ, read the latest news, participate in our forums….and most of all, enjoy the experience of your iPAQ with us.

If you’re a member, enter the giveaway here

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