ADATA Unveils Numerous Innovative Products at CES 2024

At the recently held CES 2024 exhibition, ADATA Technology presented its latest innovative data storage solutions. The manufacturer divided its stand into three main thematic areas demonstrating data storage cooling systems, diverse data storage systems, and gaming components with ready-made systems.

Reliability and Cooling Expert Exhibition Zone

In the “Reliability and Cooling Expert Exhibition Zone”, powerful patented cooling solutions for solid-state drives (SSDs), as well as environmentally friendly data storage solutions, were introduced. ADATA unveiled the Project NeonStorm Gen5 solid-state drive, a unique blend of dual-layer aluminum alloy ducts and a two-fan liquid cooling system. This system reduces SSD temperature by more than 10% compared to fanless SSDs with PCIe 5.0, providing stable read and write speeds of up to 14,000 and 12,000 Mb/s, respectively.

Project NeonStorm Gen5 solid-state drive

The ADATA LEGEND 970 Gen5 solid-state drive was presented, featuring enhanced heat dissipation efficiency, thanks to patented extruded aluminum fins, surface crystallization, and an integrated fan. A shocked external SE920 USB4 solid-state drive with a retractable case, a micro fan, and patented heat dissipation technology, ensuring stable read speed up to 3,800 Mb/s, was also presented.

ADATA will also launch eco-friendly data storage products this year – the Project ECO Flip and Project ECO Refresh flash drives. Their bodies use recycled materials, and their production creates 85% less carbon dioxide emissions than previous methods.

Project ECO Flip and Project ECO Refresh flash drives

Smart Living Exhibition Zone

The Smart Living Exhibition Zone featured innovative solutions for customers and professionals alike, including the use of artificial intelligence. ADATA showcased SD 7.1 microSD Express and SD 8.0 Express memory cards, capable of read and write speeds of 1,600 and 1,300 Mb/s, respectively. ADATA also demonstrated the first industry-grade overclocked R-DIMM (Registered DIMM) memory modules with an effective frequency of up to 6,400 MHz. Additionally, ADATA Industrial released various data storage products based on BiCS5 3D TLC and high endurance (DWPD) enterprise-class solid-state drives.

Different data storage products presented by ADATA

Encouraging encryption and protecting from power outage issues, ADATA has released high-performance enterprise-grade PCIe 5.0 solid-state drives in EDSFF E3.S/E1.S form factors with the Montitan SM8366 controller. The technology ensures smooth server connection during high data flow, enhancing reliability, stability, and security.

XPG Xtreme Gaming Exhibition Zone

The XPG Xtreme Gaming zone featured performance components for PCs and workstations. XPG showcased the DEFENDER WS XL system, a compact design capable of running large language models with 150 billion parameters, and the XPG DEFENDER WS XXL station in partnership with liquid cooling expert EKWB. The latter is equipped with two XPG FUSION digital power supplies, each with a power output of 1,600W, supplemented by additional cooling chambers.

XPG gaming systems displayed at the exhibit

Each of the four XPG gaming systems presented showcased superior performance and aesthetics among consumer PCs. A range of new PC components was also unveiled:

  1. XPG HYBRID COOLER – a hybrid cooler providing liquid cooling performance in an air cooler size.
  2. XPG LEVANTE PRO – a liquid cooling system with a 3.5-inch LCD screen on the pump that provides real-time system monitoring data.
  3. Project NeonMax – a DDR5 memory module with an industry-leading 60% of its surface area capable of emitting light, providing the largest RGB lighting area on a single DRAM module.
New PC components displayed at the exhibit

In response to the market trend of artificial intelligence computer systems, XPG launched gaming laptops with 14th-generation Intel processors and NVIDIA Ada Lovelace graphics cards – XENIA 16X and the updated version XENIA 15G. The latter is the world’s first laptop equipped with a 24TB SSD and 96GB of RAM. The XPG PRECOG STUDIO headphones with 4.4mm and USB type-C ports were also unveiled. Additionally, the XPG MOJO wireless peripheral ecosystem, designed in the style of XPG Xtreme Saga, uses ultra wideband technology, with its wireless mouse providing the industry’s fastest and most accurate response speed of 8K.

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