Air Coolers with Color Screens Showcased at Computex 2024

Valkyrie, a renowned thermal solution company, unveiled its latest cooling systems at the Computex 2024 fair. The new releases include a unique feature–full-color displays fitted on their air cooling systems, a trait which sets them apart from other cooling system manufacturers, TechPowerUp reports.

Valkyrie Loki: A Cooler With A Difference

At the exhibition, numerous tower coolers featured displays. Most of these, however, were simple LED panels, capable of displaying basic system information. Valkyrie’s latest series Loki stood out with a full-color screen on the top cover, a notable enhancement in the industry.

Full-Color Screen Valkyrie Loki

Valkyrie Loki Cooler line-up

Furthermore, Valkyrie integrated a series of Loki coolers designed without screens, but compensated with anime-style designs and ARGB lighting.

Anime-Styled Valkyrie Loki Cooler

The Loki, Merlin, and Mist Brands

Under the Loki, Merlin, and Mist brands, Valkyrie introduced both single-section tower coolers with dual fans and dual-section versions. The company also launched maintenance-free liquid cooling solutions under these same brands.

Valkyrie variety of coolers

Valkyrie’s Dracula Liquid Cooling Series

The series of liquid coolers named Dracula debuted in the fair. These products are known for their high static pressure fans and hidden side mounts giving the three individual fans an appearance of a composite fan. The company showcased a version of this liquid cooler fitted with a 360mm radiator during Computex exhibition.

Valkyrie Dracula Liquid Cooler with 360mm Radiator

The Valkyrie Merlin V360 series mirrors the Dracula series in radiator and fan designs. It also features side inserts for fans to conceal wires; however, it comes with a more substantial water block with a colored display.

Valkyrie Merlin V360 liquid cooler

The entry-level Valkyrie GL240W liquid coolers were introduced with a 240mm radiator. These models are outfitted with fans designed to operate under high static pressure, but lack hidden side mounts and any illumination on the liquid cooler’s water block.

Valkyrie's entry-level GL240W liquid cooler
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