AMD Combines Ryzen Embedded Processors and Versal AI Edge Chips into a Platform for Autonomous Vehicles, Medical, and Industrial Applications

AMD, a key player in the embedded systems sector, has unveiled its latest platform, Embedded+. This latest offering is based on the Ryzen Embedded processors and SoC Versal AI Edge, catering to industries like automotive, medical, gaming and more.

The Embedded+ platform harnesses Ryzen Embedded processors and Versal AI Edge SoC’s to deliver high computational power and energy efficiency. It is designed with real-time data management and artificial intelligence algorithms in mind, applicable across various industrial scenarios.

AMD's promising solutions

Embedded+ solutions are best suited for AMD’s ODM partners. They provide critical responsiveness between systems components and software, broadening its uses across, for example, autonomous driving systems, high-precision manufacturing systems, and diagnostic medical equipment. The AMD Embedded+ architecture is compatible with multiple types of workloads and can work with various AI tools and FPGA structures.

AMD's embedded technology

AMD’s Embedded+ architecture boasts wide compatibility with different types of sensors, offering connectivity options such as Ethernet, USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort. It supports various types of image sensors, including RGB, monochrome and, advances neuromorphic types while ensuring compatibility with industrial standards such as MIPI and LVDS.

Another major feature of the Embedded+ platform is the AMD Versal AI Edge SoC. It can process real-time sensor signals using AI algorithms, critical to automotive, medical, and industrial embedded systems. These chips also support GMSL and Ethernet interfaces and protocols, broadening their application potential.

AMD's AI Chip

One of the ready-made solutions based on the Embedded+ architecture is the compact Sapphire Technology VPR-4616-MB platform. It consists of a Mini-ITX motherboard with an AMD Versal AI Edge 2302 SoC having 34 AI cores and a Ryzen Embedded R2314 processor. These devices offer ample interface options and support up to 64GB of DDR4 memory. The platform runs on Ubuntu 22.04.

AMD's compact Sapphire Technology VPR-4616-MB platform

AMD also introduced several expansion boards to enhance the Embedded+ architecture. Notably, the Octo GMSL Camera I/O board allows interaction with multiple cameras, a critical component in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and automated observation systems. The Octo GMSL board enables real-time image processing and analysis, meeting such demands.

AMD's new expansion boards

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In addition to these upgrades, AMD presented two Ethernet network cards for the Embedded+ platform, supporting transmission speeds of up to 1000 Mbits/s. This enables tasks such as real-time streaming and large-scale image data aggregation, expanding Embedded+’s application across various peripheral and industrial scenarios.

The Sapphire VPR-4616-MB platform is now on sale and may be offered in fully assembled configurations complete with RAM, storage, a power unit, and enclosure.

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