AMD to Introduce Zen 5 Architecture at Computex in June and will delve into details at Hot Chips Symposium in August.

AMD to Unveiled New PC Architecture and AI Technologies at June’s Computex

AMD is set to discuss a “new era of high-performance PCs, data center technologies and artificial intelligence” at the upcoming Computex event in June. This suggests an unveiling of the Zen 5 architecture and a new generation of AI engine, XDNA, could be on the cards.

News of AMD CEO Lisa Su’s scheduled speech directly before Computex’s start has been public since TAITRA (the event organizer) announced it earlier this February. However, the specific topics to be addressed were not disclosed then. Recently, AMD updated its official website with what to expect from Su’s upcoming presentation.

AMD's Upcoming Events

AMD is expected to announce its desktop processor line, Granite Ridge (Ryzen 9000), and the mobile chip series, Ryzen AI 100 (Strix Point). Both products will utilize the Zen 5 computational architecture.

Detailed Reveal of Zen 5 Architecture in August

In-depth details of the Zen 5 architecture will be provided by AMD in August at the annual Hot Chips symposium. Slated for August 27 this year, Brad Cohen and Zen’s lead architect at AMD, Mike Clark, will represent AMD.

Expectations from the Hot Chips Symposium

Several interesting presentations are anticipated at the symposium. Qualcomm will cover its Snapdragon X Elite computer Arm-processors designed for Windows PCs, which will be market-ready by then. Nvidia will present on Blackwell, its AI-accelerator architecture, while AMD will share details about its AI-accelerator, Instinct MI300X.

Intel’s Lunar Lake Architecture Overview

Intel will provide an overview of its Lunar Lake architecture on August 26. The company has confirmed the planned release of its Core Ultra 200V processor series in the third quarter of this year, indicating this presentation may come just before the product’s market launch.

IBM’s Presentation on a New Processor and AI Chipset

IBM is set to talk about its new 5.5GHz IBM Z processor and the AI Inferencing Accelerator chipset at the same event.

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