And The Beat Goes On! — irock! 450FM

Your collection of music that you have stored on your iPAQ is so good that you want to listen to it everywhere — so how do you do that?

The speaker that comes on the iPAQ is OK but it really is not good for long term listening and of course if there is any noise in the room, you (or anyone else for that matter) can’t really hear it. I suppose you could use your headphones but then you can’t share your music with others.

The fact of the matter is that the initial use of your iPAQ or other portable audio device has always been an individual experience unless you were at your computer. Many of us always listen to music over those terrific speakers we have attached to our computers.
Surfing the net — music “cranked” — a great experience!

The fact is that you are not always sitting next to your computer (although my wife might dispute that) so listening to your tunes becomes relegated back to the headphones if you want quality sound. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my BT headphones and use them often but I really like listening to my music over the high quality speakers in my home system, car, and now that new Bose radio I have for my house on the lake.

I became spoiled with the irock! 440FM that I have in my car. It is just an incredible experience being able to play and listen to the music that I have compiled as I travel and what makes it better is that I can share it with others in the car.

I wanted the ability to expand that listening experience. Not only did I want to listen to while driving but I wanted to be able listen and share my tunes when I was in another car, another room, or any place I went that had the ability to receive FM signals.

So how do you do that?
Simple — the irock! 450FM Wireless Music Adapter!
That’s right, this neat device will broadcasts tunes from your iPAQ or other favorite portable audio device to your car or home FM stereo radio. And how is the quality? — Just unbelievable!

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