Announcing “Dragon Is Dead”, a fantasy action-platformer blending elements from Castlevania, Diablo, and Dead Cells.

Video game developers Team Suneat, under the umbrella of PM Studios, have unveiled their upcoming title, Dragon Is Dead. This action platformer promises a dark fantasy setting featuring rogue-like gameplay elements.

Storyline introduction

In the game’s narrative, only one dragon remains which had once dared to challenge the gods, Guernian, the leader of the dark dragons. Upon losing his kin, Guernian descends into madness and starts corrupting the world with his darkness.

Player objectives

As dragon slayers, players are tasked to halt Guernian, liberate survivors from torment, and triumph over a multitude of grotesque and frequently colossal monsters spawned by the last dragon.

Gameplay mechanics

Team Suneat guarantees diverse characters with unique capabilities, dozens of artifact combinations to unlock new abilities, legendary gear for loot, and crafting progression. In Dragon Is Dead, death isn’t only a penalty it also offers opportunities to refine skills, master abilities, and acquire potent equipment. Players will not lose earned equipment and runes in case of death.

Combination of Different Gaming Elements

According to IGN, Dragon Is Dead melds elements from games like Castlevania, Diablo, and Dead Cells. The aesthetic value is drawn from Castlevania, the ability tree from Diablo, and battle sequences from Dead Cells.

Launch in Early Access

Dragon Is Dead makes its debut into early Steam access on June 7. Players can expect to experience two heroes, eight chapters, 180 artifacts, over a hundred pieces of equipment (including legendary), 25 synergies along with a variety of enemies, and bosses.

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