Apple Confirms Use of In-House Processors in AI Servers for Apple Intelligence

Earlier this month, Bloomberg announced that Apple is ready to release M2 Ultra processors for server use, in a bid to boost its own artificial intelligence systems and computing infrastructure. While sufficient attention was given to the latter at yesterday’s WWDC 2024, there was only a fleeting mention of Apple’s new processors.

So far, details such as the name and specifications of Apple’s server processors have not been confirmed. In its corporate blog, the company outlines that its Private Cloud Compute environment will utilize “custom server-class hardware that brings the performance and security of Apple chips into data centers, maintaining the same security technologies that are implemented in the iPhone at the hardware level.” It is therefore reasonable to speculate that Apple’s server processors will be closely related to those used in the iPhone, as is the case with the entire M processor family.

As is customary, Apple endeavors to maintain a high level of information security in implementing Artificial Intelligence functions for its intelligence system. Hence, employing home-grown processors for this purpose was a logical choice. It remains to be seen how this harmonizes with the integration of OpenAI services based on ChatGPT into iOS, a matter to be scrutinized by information security experts. Following the opening of WWDC 2024, Apple representatives admitted that they would like to offer users a choice of models for AI, which is why a probable level integration with Google Gemini is not ruled out.

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