Apple Fixes Bug that Restored Long-Deleted Photos on iPhone

Apple’s iOS 17.5 Update: Unexpected Glitch Returns Deleted Photos

Last week, Apple’s fresh iOS 17.5 operating system update inadvertently spotlighted a surprising glitch, as reported by The Verge. Following the upgrade, users began to notice the re-emergence of photos they previously deleted. In several instances, the “recovered” photographs, some of an intimate nature, fell into the hands of new device owners acquired from the secondary market. The issue compelled Apple to dispatch an urgent 17.5.1 update to resolve the matter.

Bug Impacting iPhone and iPad Users

Of note, the glitch not only afflicted iPhone users but also iPad owners. One such user reported the unwanted return of private photos in the tablet they had purchased second-hand. According to Apple, the deleted pictures appeared on the devices following the update to iOS 17.5 or iPadOS 17.5 attributed to a damaged database. The 17.5.1 update rectifies this issue. Typically, the software defect randomly reinstated photos wrongly identified as being newly deleted when they could have been taken multiple years ago.

Recommendation for Users

It remains unclear how many users may have been affected by this problem. As a preventive measure, it is advisable for users to promptly install the 17.5.1 update for iOS and iPadOS.

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