Apple to Replace Apple ID with ‘Apple Account’

Apple is set to rename the widely recognized Apple ID into “Apple Account”. This change could be implemented as early as this year.

Apple ID: A Key to Apple’s Service Universe

An essential to all Apple device users, the Apple ID serves as a universal key to various services such as iCloud and the App Store. For decades, it has proved to be a reliable tool, offering users access to a broad spectrum of features, ranging from app and music purchases to data synchronization across devices within the Apple ecosystem.

From Apple ID to “Apple Account”

The rebranding of Apple ID to “Apple Account” is scheduled to take place towards the end of 2024, coinciding with the release of the new operating systems iOS 18 (code-named Crystal) and macOS 15 (code-named Glow). This transformation will impact both system applications and the company website, where references to the “Apple Account” are already visible, for instance, in the context of the Apple Account balance. Sources claim that existing Apple ID references will be replaced as a part of this rebranding strategy.

The Reason Behind the Change

While the reasons driving Apple to consider this shift remain unclear, it is necessary to bear in mind that Apple often prepares several marketing names before launching new services or products. For example, the recently released Apple Vision Pro headset saw the company using three different names during internal testing– realityOS, xrOS, and visionOS. Thus, there is a possibility that the “Apple Account” may not materialize due to one reason or another.

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