Apple unveils iPadOS 18 with long-awaited calculator and customizable home screen

Apple Introduces iPadOS 18 at WWDC 2024 Developer Conference: Featuring New Calculator, ChatGPT Siri Integration, and Enhanced Customization

Apple has announced the release of its latest operating system, iPadOS 18, for tablet devices at the WWDC 2024 conference. Key upgrades include the much-anticipated calculator function, integrated ChatGPT for Siri assistant, and extended user customization of the home screen.

Calculator at Last for iPadOS

After years of anticipation, Apple has finally incorporated a calculator into iPadOS. No longer do users need to download third-party apps brimming with ads for simple mathematical calculations. This new calculator is fully compatible with large iPad screens and supports input via Apple Pencil.

ChatGPT Integration with Siri

Another significant upgrade will be the integration of ChatGPT into Siri. Users can now directly ask artificial intelligence queries through the voice assistant, bypassing the need for creating a separate OpenAI account. Moreover, Siri is now capable of a broader task range, from spelling checks to the creation of resumes based on user-input text.

iPad Home Screen Personalization

iPadOS 18 will also offer customization of the iPad’s home screen. Application icons can now have a darkened mode, third-party applications can be integrated into the “Control Center”, and a new “floating” tab will enable rapid task-switching. A screen sharing function with SharePlay, for remote control of another user’s tablet, will also be introduced.

Additional Benefits

Alongside these, the OS update will bring handy features such as scheduled iMessage sending, application hiding for data privacy, redesigned “Photos” and “Settings” apps, and eye-only device control for those with limited physical capabilities, among others.

Image source: Apple demonstrating features of iPadOS 18


iPadOS 18 will be available for download in the Fall of 2024. In the meantime, Apple has already released a beta version for developers and plans to release a public beta version for all users within a month. The new OS will be compatible with iPads running on the Apple M2 and M4 processors, announced earlier this year, as well as support older models.

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