Apple unveils macOS 15 Sequoia with iPhone mirroring and other improvements

In an announcement made at the WWDC 2024 conference, tech giant Apple introduces its latest operating system for Mac computers: macOS 15 Sequoia. The software brims with new features, including Apple Intelligence, iPhone mirroring, and a cross-platform password manager.

Apple Intelligence

First in the line-up of features is the support for Apple Intelligence. This array of artificial intelligence capabilities, already active on iPhone and iPad, includes an array of tools. Among these, it offers a tool for summarizing text in messages and other apps, automatic response drafting for emails. However, it’s noted that Apple Intelligence will only function with the M1 series processors or newer.

iPhone Mirroring

Another crucial addition is the iPhone mirroring on Mac. This feature enables access to the smartphone from the computer, facilitating notification responses, and seamless content transfer between devices. Interestingly, the iPhone stays locked to save battery, even switching to a power-saving mode amidst mirror operation.

Safari Upgrade

A significant upgrade has also arrived for the Safari browser. It now boasts of a new ‘Highlights’ feature based on machine learning, underlining key information on web pages. Reading mode capabilities are further enhanced with the addition of summaries, table of contents, and improved video viewing.

Password Manager

The Keychain application is in for a significant transformation, headed for a rebranding as ‘Passwords’. This app will now save a wider array of confidential data, including Wi-Fi passwords, access codes, shared passwords for services, and verification codes. Now available on all Apple platforms, the app will sync via iCloud.

Automatic Window Splitting

Finally, macOS will introduce the much-awaited automatic window splitting function for desktop applications, rendering third-party utilities for such purposes obsolete.

Release Details

The OS will officially launch in the fall of 2024. Currently, a beta version is available for app developers, with a public version rolling out in July for extensive testing. The final macOS 15 Sequoia is set to release in the fall of 2024. All Apple M-series systems and some Intel-chipped computers will be eligible for the update, the complete list for which can be referenced here. It’s worth noting that Mac computers with Intel chips will not receive the Apple Intelligence features.

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