Arctic Unveils Freezer 36 Series Coolers with Intel LGA 1851 Processor Support

Arctic has introduced the Freezer 36 series of air coolers for CPUs, featuring five relatively similar models differentiated by their aesthetic design and the presence or absence of ARGB lighting on the fans.

The Freezer 36 coolers all feature single-tower construction. Cooling systems measure 159 x 126 x 104 mm and weigh either 890 g (for models without lighting) or 917 g (for those with ARGB fans). Each new model is equipped with four 6-mm copper heat pipes designed for direct contact with the CPU cover.

Components of the new coolers

The non-lit Arctic Freezer 36 coolers come with dual 120-mm P12 PWM PST fans delivering speed ranges from 200 to 1800 RPM. For lit models, two 120-mm fans operate at a speed range of 200 to 2000 RPM.

The new Freezer 36 series supports both Intel LGA 1700 sockets for current Alder Lake and Raptor Lake prepared models and LGA 1851 for future Arrow Lake processors. Furthermore, it supports AMD’s Socket AM5 and AM4. Arctic’s cooling systems package also involves 0.8 g of Arctic MX-6 thermal paste.

As per the review by popular YouTube channel GamersNexus, the performance of Freezer 36 coolers has been highly effective compared to its competitors, surpassing models from brands such as Thermalright Peerless Assassin and DeepCool AK400.

In celebration of Arctic’s 23rd anniversary, all five variations of the Arctic Freezer 36 are now available in the company’s official online store at exclusive prices:

  • Freezer 36: $25.40 (future retail price will be $45.99)
  • Freezer 36 CO: $27.71 (future retail price $47.99)
  • Freezer 36 (black): $27.71 (future retail price $51.99)
  • Freezer 36 A-RGB (black): $33.10 (future retail price $58.99)
  • Freezer 36 A-RGB (white): $33.87 (future retail price $59.99)

Additionally, a six-year manufacturer’s warranty is provided on all variations.

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