Are Your Appointments Off By One Hour?


When a customer synchronizes an HP iPAQ Pocket PC handheld device with a host computer, the customer may discover a one-hour difference between the appointments appearing on the handheld and the same appointments appearing on the host computer, despite the fact that the clock times were correctly set on both devices.

This issue most often occurs when the time zone on a host computer supports Daylight Savings Time (DST), but the “Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes” feature on the system Control Panel “Date and Time Properties” field has been disabled (the box is un-checked). This issue may result in the following conclusions:

The HP iPAQ Pocket PC operating systems are designed to automatically update the device to reflect DST. This update cannot be changed if the handheld is set to a time zone that supports DST. When the HP iPAQ Pocket PC is synchronized via ActiveSync with the host computer, the pocket PC reads the host computer time (which does not reflect DST), and disregards it as being inaccurate. The handheld displays the actual time of the DST time zone, which is either one hour earlier or one hour later than the host computer time. This one-hour difference will be reflected in appointments that were scheduled before the time change and in recurring appointments that continue beyond the next DST change.

If the host computer fails to update when a DST change occurs, the customer may decide to manually adjust the computer time either one hour forward or backward to change the system time to to DST. This action changes existing appointments on the host computer. When an ActiveSync is performed the pocket PC may read the manually changed DST and add or subtract another hour.

Proper synchronization that would provide the accurate transition of appointments between the host computer and the HP iPAQ Pocket PC cannot occur because the device clock times are at odds.


This issue has the potential to occur on all HP iPAQ Pocket PC handheld devices under the following conditions:

The pocket PC has either the Microsoft Pocket PC Software 2002, Pocket PC software 2003, or Pocket PC software 2003 SE The host computer is not set up to automatically receive DST updates


This issue can be avoided by enabling the “Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes” feature on the host computer and ensuring that both the host computer and the HP iPAQ Pocket PC are set to the same time zones. If you continue to experience problems, you may require assistance from HP Technical Support. In the U.S., call HP Technical Support at 1-800-INVENT (1-800-474-6836) or access technical support phone numbers for worldwide locations HERE at the following link:

Troubleshooting information is available on the HP website as follows:

Access the HP website at: Select “Support & Troubleshooting” from the navigation bar. On the Support & Troubleshooting page, click the circle for “See support and troubleshooting information.” In the “for product” field box, type your model or series number (e.g., h5100) and either press “Enter,” or click the double right arrow sign (>>). When the technical support–HP iPAQ hxxxx pocket PC Series page displays, click “troubleshoot a problem” or any of the self-help resources listed in the “Self-Help Resources” selection box.

hardware platforms affected:

h1900 Pocket PC, h2200 Pocket PC, h3100 Pocket PC, h3600 Pocket PC, h3700 Pocket PC, H3800 Pocket PC, h3900 Pocket PC, h4100 Pocket PC, h4300 Pocket PC, h5100 Pocket PC, h5400 Pocket PC, h5500 Pocket PC

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