“Articles” Have Appeared on X Social Network – Very Long Posts Only Available for Premium+ Subscribers and Organizations.

Introduction of ‘Articles’ Feature in Social Network X

Long-form content is now possible on the social network X, particularly for authorized users affiliated with verified organizations and Premium+ subscribers. Through a newly launched feature named ‘Articles’, users have the ability to create extensive publications. For more information, see this tweet.

Text Editing and Content Tools

This function provides a basic text editing interface, equipped with media-insertion capabilities and text formatting tools. These include tools for bold and italic fonts, strikethrough text, subheadings, as well as bulleted and numbered lists. An ‘Articles’ entry can exceed 25,000 characters, surpassing the limit set for substantial posts available to basic Premium subscribers. The Engadget team performed a ‘stress-test’, observing a character cap slightly greater than 100,000 characters or approximately 15,000 words.

 The source of this image is engadget.com

Development and Background

Previously known as Twitter, this platform unveiled its preliminary draft of ‘Notes’ in 2022 to facilitate longer posts. This initiative was launched prior to the acquisition of the company by Elon Musk, who later confirmed that development of the feature was ongoing. However, it is worth noting that Musk’s apparent hostility towards journalists was reflected in a previous decision to efface titles of external X resources. The removed feature was later reinstated but in a somewhat diminished form.

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