Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Under $100 with Noise Cancelling

We’re going to find the absolute best pair of budget Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Under $100 with noise-cancelling.

Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Under $100


So first off the COWIN E7 and they have mostly a plastic kind of metallic Chromebook and that makes them look a bit cheap in general and people have actually said these things do break. They do snap overtime on Amazon and I can definitely see that happening. They feel solid enough but I can see over time these probably breaking.

If you’re not too careful with them in general though they are very comfortable. They’re very plushie they’re squishy. They feel good. So they’re comfortable and the controls though are just not very intuitive like a switch for on and off. Noise-cancelling is very hard to reach in the headphones or on the accent. Mostly just turn off the entire pair of headphones if you are touching the switch and you’re actually wearing them and the rest of the controls as well are very weird. Well if you tap the up and down it skips the track or previous track is also playing pause which is a bit clumsy and the button mechanism does not feel great.

Now most importantly is, of course, the audio quality in here it is pretty good. You’re gonna get some rumbling bass it’s almost a bit too much at times a bit too overpowering when you train noise canceling on. It does get a whole lot better. It’s kind of a Trembath Mosley’s headphones and it sounds okay without noise-cancelling but when it is on, the sound is much clearer. Things are much more balanced and it’s just generally better. Besides the bass, though these do some pretty good has clear crisp audio quality and there is minor video delay when actually watching videos. There’s also previews and noise cancelling too it’s going to block traffic commuting sounds, machinery sounds, no problem. It is not going to be at Bose or Sennheiser level but these do the job of noise cancelling for sure.

And Cohen says his headphones are going to give you a little under 30 hours of listening time which in theory should give you a few days of on and off usage. So Body Life is pretty solid here. Not really a big fan of the carrying case though is kind of this compact drawstring case which can easily fit in almost any bag so it is compact but I wish the headphones fit inside the case itself a bit better. It’s very tight.

Taotronics BH22

Taotronics BH22 headphones and these compared to the previous ones are much more subtle in terms of design almost a bit too plain in terms of any form of design. There are just very generic looking. In terms of general comfort, they’re all right. The headband is a bit more padding for sure it’s very very sparse in terms of that and long period of time you’re going to feel a bit of discomfort but in general, they’re pretty comfortable that ear cups are nice and soft. They probably the easiest to bring around, the most portable, lightweight headphones, and the carrying case, as well as durable and also very compact too so you can throw these in a bag complete forget about them and they, ‘re going to fit perfectly in terms of sound quality.

I got to say these headphones are extremely well-balanced. The bass is there but it’s not super thick or rumbling or just ridiculously heavy. It’s there but it’s balanced the middle and highs are also very well balanced to nothing really stands out over the other in a negative way. Once again here with these headphones, they don’t really sound as good but noise canceling off like they don’t really sound very clear. That’s a bit of a dull sound but when switched noise canceling on the clarity is totally there. They sound very dynamic and they sound much better. They have 25 hours of listening time approximately on and off. And also for any of these pairs of headphones make sure you turn off the noise-canceling switch even if the headphones are completely powered off as a battery is still going to keep wasting.

Taotronics BH040

Taotronics BH040, they’re much more well-built as well they’ve got these aluminum pads in the side with the logo that’s actually embossed. They feel much more quality, look much better and also a bit more comfortable too. They’re very well padded the headband is even pretty good. These are definitely more comfortable and better-designed headphones. Now, why are these cheaper than the BH22 have a better design and better comfort? Well, I think Taotronics is kind of made a compromise here with the sound quality and comparison. These do not sound as good as the BH22 for sure. When you have noise canceling on, the audio does not sound as crisp and clear. It kind of sounds like it is like a filter over the top of everything. These don’t sound bad everything there’s still some pretty good but they’re not the best sound.

Of the whole bunch here. And in terms of noise-canceling, these do a pretty good job. It’s going to block out low frequency is going to block out some background noise. But what is the negatives here is that it actually takes a few seconds sometimes to even actually switch on noise-canceling mode. The case though is fairly compact solid. It’s decently portable and is going to last you a little under 30 hours of listening and definitely a few days of on enough usage.

Mixcder E7

Up next is Mixcder E7 and these I’m a bit mixed on the design looks nice, in my opinion, very minimal, modern and clean. Also very comparable in terms of looks to Sony’s noise-canceling headphones but the build quality leaves a bit. They feel cheap. In terms of comfort though, they’re all right. They’re not really super plush and ear cups are just okay.

The sound quality is kind of like mixed and well-balanced. Bass isn’t too overpowering or distorted or anything mids and highs while these just sound like a good decent pair of headphones, nothing really amazing. Nothing really terrible either but these are kind of weak though once again is the noise-canceling. It doesn’t really block out too much because it’ll block a lot of low frequencies and some background noise. But compared to the rest, these headphones don’t really do too much in terms of noise-canceling You’re getting a little under 20 hours of listening time on these headphones and the case it comes with is alright but it is a bit flimsy and a bit annoying.


BÖHM B66 headphones are surprisingly good for being a pair of on-ear headphones not without their flaws though. So the design here is definitely pretty all right. There are very minimal looking are made of aluminum feel, quite solid in general and they have the kind of this plush full leather all around the headphones as well putting them on in terms of comfort they’re OK. They don’t really feel bad or anything that plus shyness of the ear cups in the headband is pretty good. Once again they don’t completely seal your ear like a pair of over-ear headphones.

Despite the comfort and the look of these headphones for many people, a big issue is these things actually completely snapping at the headband portion. Whole bunch reviews on Amazon lot of comments about it. I don’t really feel like it’s going to completely break but I can see if I was really really rough with it these could potentially SNAP which is unfortunate.

In terms of sound quality, these are good ones. The low end is nice, it’s balanced not to overpower anything. Now the mids they do have clarity with noise-canceling on or off and really any audio tracks I’ve tested it doesn’t really feel that pronounced & dynamic. The high is at times can feel a bit distorted to just a bit too pronounced but that’s just a personal pick. These are all rights but they’re not the clearest or dynamic of the bunch here.

And if noise isolation these actually do a surprisingly good job for a pair of on your headphones like the Mixcder E7. But they actually block out a lot of background noise because these headphones are pretty small in general. You’re only getting 16 hours of playtime which I guess is acceptable but the case here, it’s kind of flat disc looking thing, it’s really big.

Ghostek soDrop 2

If you’re looking to be wire-free then these Ghostek soDrop 2 are a great alternative to something like the beat solo wireless 3 and give you similar performance for literally a fraction of the price. They come in three different colors, stealthy black, white and gold combo and also a white in gold color. The headphones are nice and light. They’re easy for you to carry around and design makes it comfortable for prolonged use. They’re built of mostly plastic with aluminum accents. The ear-cups are nice and plush and feel soft on the ears and feel nice on your head because the top is also comfortably padded. The headphones and ears are adjustable so I’m sure you’ll find a position that is perfect for your head.

Even though you can use these headphones wired and the Wire comes included in the box with the carry case. These are meant to be used wireless. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 with AP tech support so you’ll get nice and clean sound with high quality on the bottom. You’ll find a micro USB port to charge the built-in battery, a microphone so you can take phone calls and a 3.5 mm Jack just in case you want to use them wired. On the side you’ll find a call button where you can answer phone calls with and pair your device with another microphone and the volume rocker switches that also double as play control buttons.

Now most importantly and the reason why you’re watching this is to know how did these actually sound.

To be honest they’re pretty impressive. I mean just like the first generation Ghostek soDrop, they sound surprisingly good for the price. But this time I feel like the signature has improved. I mean I really love the bass-heavy. These are more balanced on the mids and highs. Now I also think they still give you enough bass without overpowering the sound. You can always AQ it for the higher base but I like this more balanced approach. So if you listen to a lot of hip hop or electronic music like I do then you’ll be happy with these.

The maximum volume is also adequate and you do get some decent noise cancellation with these passively so that’s nice. So if you’re looking for this type of sound signature then you won’t be let down for the price.


OK so let’s be completely real here. There’s really no perfect pair of best Bluetooth wireless headphones under $100 with active noise canceling especially compared to a more higher-end pair of Sony, Sennheiser or Bose noise-canceling headphones.

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