Better Late Than Never: Arkane Austin is Finally Releasing the Final Update for Redfall

Arkane Austin, the now-defunct subsidiary of Microsoft, will release one final update to its unsuccessful multiplayer open-world shooter, Redfall, before ending its support. Arkane Austin, famed for its work on Dishonored and Prey, was reported to be shut down on May 7.

While support for Redfall was initially canned on May 7 along with the closure of Arkane Austin, the studio remained committed to enhancing the game. An anticipated offline mode was listed amongst the significant improvements planned for May.

On May 17, to the delight of fans, the game’s developers announced on the official Redfall microblog that they are currently working on the last and fourth major game update.

Redfall refuses to die before releasing its last update

This ultimate patch from Arkane Austin will include the long-awaited offline mode, pause functionality in single-player mode, revamped surroundings and nest systems, amongst other enhancements.

The developers thanked players for their support and promised to share more details about the update closer to its release. However, no specific release date was given.

60 FPS mode became available in the Xbox version of Redfall five months after release

Even after the closure of Arkane Austin, Redfall’s servers will not be shut down. The promised addition of two new characters will not be released: purchasers of the ‘Show Your Fangs’ edition will be offered some form of compensation.

Redfall was released on May 2, 2023, for PC, Xbox Series X and S, and also on Game Pass. The game received the lowest scores in Arkane Austin’s history. Following this failure, the studio hoped to create a new Dishonored game, but fate had other plans.

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