Blackberry banned in the US?

There’s a good chance the ever so famous Blackberry might get banned in the USA. Back in August a company called NTP won a patent lawsuit against Research In Motion, the company that makes the BlackBerry, requiring them to pay nearly $54 million in damages and granting an injunction that would stop them from selling, making, or servicing the Blackberry here in the United States. So RIM appealed to a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals court, which stayed the injunction pending a decision, and are trying to get NTP’s patents overturned by Patent Office.

In August 2003, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled in NTP’s favor and ordered RIM to pay damages of $53.7 million. The court had placed an injunction on BlackBerry models 850, 857, 950, 957, 5810, 6510, 6210 and 6750, though RIM was subsequently granted a stay on the injunction pending this week’s appeal.

What could be next? Just think with all the agreements over the famous RIM email capabilities could our lovely PocketPC’s be at risk? I personally think it is even more dangerous to try and type on your lovely Nokia cellphone using T9 text input. What is the U.S. Government thinking about? I think we need to support RIM in this case and make sure our voice is heard. I guess politicians really dont need to get email immediately since they have assistants for that stuff!