Brave integrates its own search results into AI chatbot Leo

Brave Launches Search Results Integration in Leo Chat-bot

Brave, renowned for their emphasis on privacy and for their browser and search system, has announced an interesting new function – the integration of search results in their Leo AI chat-bot. This cutting-edge update will empower users to pose queries to Leo and receive real-time information based on search requests via Brave Search’s API.

Enhanced User Experience

Developers maintain that this integration will significantly improve users’ ability to effectively find required information in real-time. For instance, now while reading an article, users can ask Leo a question to gain additional context regarding the topic. TechCrunch reports that Leo can also suggest popular topics and trends for social media posts.

 Image courtesy: Brave

Preserving User Privacy

Brave gives assurance that the new feature fully maintains user privacy. Usage does not necessitate registration or logging in to an account, and dialogues with Leo are not stored or used for neural network training. Also, an anonymizer scrutinizes requests before they are sent to the server.

Leo Premium Subscription

In addition to complimentary access, Brave offers a paid Leo Premium subscription for $15 monthly. This premium subscription increases request limits and unveils the most advanced AI models. Furthermore, special tokens are issued to premium subscribers to prevent personal identification.

Brave’s Continued AI Integration

Having previously integrated AI capabilities into their products to attract more users, Brave continues this trend. Last year, the company introduced a feature for summarizing search query results using AI, and in November, Leo was launched as a personal AI assistant for everyone. Now, the search system and chat-bot have been amalgamated to enhance the quality of responses.

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