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The DeLuxe Case has three credit card slots, two elasticized SD cardholders, and a storage pocket for my cash as well as an attached flap that has an ID pocket with a small notepad on the reverse side. I particularly liked the ability to fasten the ID with a snap closure to protect against loss of my ID or cash. It is a neat design. Over all, the case is slightly oversized due to the added ID pocket and notepad but clearly smaller than me carrying my wallet and my iPAQ in a different case. All in One…I like that!

My iPAQ slid neatly into a molded leather encasement that had just the right “cut-outs” for the reset hole, external microphone jack, volume/record button and unrestricted access to the fingerprint reader and connector for charging. At the top, there is a cut away allowing access to the power on button and a clear view of the speaker and indicator lights. Between the outside flap and the molded holder there is an elasticized sleeve for an extra stylus or a thin pen…a nice idea!

The case fastens with a tab closure that not only works to keep the case closed but can be reversed to keep the flap underneath for one-handed use. The Deluxe Case and the Slim Case are exactly the same except for the ID/note pad flap. There is a difference in size because of the flap but not much (about 5/8 of an inch). Depending on your needs, either case is a great choice!