China Launches Electric Car Priced at $9700 with a Range of 305 kilometers

The world’s largest electric car manufacturer, China’s BYD, makes headway in its aggressive cost reduction strategy for both eminent and entry-level models. Notably, the Chinese market saw the Honor Edition of the BYD Dolphin Mini electric hatchback released for $9700, shaving $555 off its inaugural sales price last April.

This compact electric car sports a design evocative of Lamborghini sports cars, a similarity resulting from the efforts of designer Wolfgang Egger, who worked on the aesthetics of both. The BYD Dolphin Mini Honor Edition is available in three versions, all of which are powered by a single electric engine that generates 55 kW (~75 hp) of power and 135 Nm of torque.

The basic models have a 30.08 kWh Blade (LFP) battery, claimed by the manufacturer to facilitate a distance of 305 km per CLTC cycle. The top-tier model, priced at $12,000, houses a more generous 38.88 kWh battery with a calculated range of 405 km. Other premium additions include a range of driver assist technologies and six airbags instead of the four in the base versions. The battery can be significantly recharged, from 30% to 80%, at a rapid charging station in just 30 minutes.

Image source: BYD

All vehicles feature a 10-inch rotating display and multimedia system compatible with voice controls. A build-in NFC in smartphones replaces the need for a key, letting the car owner unlock and drive the car with ease. In 2024, BYD sold 280,217 units of the Dolphin Mini. Impressively, this model is available in Brazil at a reasonable price of $20,000. In certain markets, the model is retailed under the name Seagull.

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