Chinese Memory Manufacturer CXMT Becomes Next Target of US Sanctions

ChangXin Memory Technologies (CXMT), one of China’s most successful semiconductor and electronics manufacturers, may soon face sanctions from the US, according to a report by Bloomberg. Previously immune to US sanctions, the company now faces the possibility of being blacklisted along with five other Chinese companies.

CXMT, also known as ChangXin Memory Technologies, is a leading semiconductor manufacturer in China. Specializing in the production of various types of RAM chips, the company is at the forefront of the industry with its latest development of GAA transistor structure DRAM memory. It also has plans in the pipeline for High Bandwidth Memory (HBM), having preemptively procured the necessary equipment. With potential US sanctions looming, this proactive move may prove to be prudent since it could lose access to cutting-edge foreign equipment. HBM is crucial for computation accelerators, and CXMT’s activities in this domain have incited concerns in the US as they contribute to China’s growing capabilities in manufacturing modern accelerators for Artificial Intelligence systems.

In addition to CXMT, five other unnamed Chinese companies can also potentially face US sanctions. Notably, US-based Micron Technology, a direct competitor of CXMT, has been advocating for sanctions against the Chinese firm for some time. Another Chinese company, YMTC, a solid-state memory manufacturer, has been under US sanctions since 2022, while chip contract manufacturer SMIC was sanctioned even earlier, rendering CXMT’s relative freedom in the existing US sanctions policy landscape unlikely to persist indefinitely.

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