Compatibility List For The VKB Grows

The list of device compatibility for VKB continues to grow. Power Positioning (2P) Ltd, a worldwide company specializing in online marketing, Search Engines Optimization and worldwide distribution and promotion of technology products has announced an increased compatibility list for the Virtual Keyboard.

The Bluetooth VKB is compatible with the following devices:

02 XDA II Orange SPV E200,C500 Palm Tungsten T3/T5 QTek 8080 Smartphone HP1940 HP2210 HP2570 HP3417 HP rx3715 (Use HP 5550 Driver) HP 3800/3900 Series (Use HP 5455 Driver) HP3715 HP4700 HP5455 HP5550 Nokia 6600,6260,6630,6680,7650,3650 Treo 650 Ericsson P800/P900,910i Palm Zire 72 Mio 336 XPlore M68 Motorola MPX220, A1000 Dell Axim X50 Laptops / Desktops

The Standard (wired) VKB is compatible with the following devices:

O2 XDA I O2 XDA II Orange SPV e200 Palm Tungsten T3 Palm Tungsten T5 QTek 8080 Smartphone Palm m505 HP2210 HP3417 HP rx3715 (Use HP 5550 Driver) HP 3800/3900 Series (Use HP 5455 Driver) HP4150 HP5455 HP5550 Laptops / Desktops via serial connector

Have you read the review on the Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard?

If not, you can read it HERE.

Visit the 2P site here to learn more and order a virtual keyboard

Editors note:

Just to help those that might be concerned about the BTVKB and some issues that existed during initial shipments. There were 300 units that were manufactured in China that had a manufacturing error that has been corrected. To the best of my knowledge, those units have all been replaced or a refund was given. iTECH and 2P were commited to resolving that manufacturing issue so that all who had units were satisfied.

I have been using my BTVKB for several months and have found it to be a remarkable piece of technology that has aided me in my daily routines. Besides having a tremendous WOW factor when you use it in a public place, it has been extremely convenient to use and has helped increase my work productivity. Without the slightest hesitation, I continue to give the BTVKB my highest recommendation.

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