Cooler Master Unveils Mounting Frame for Standard Computer Fans on Any Graphics Cards

A leading technology firm, Cooler Master has announced an innovative effort, termed the Project VGA Cooler. This project entails replacing the default GPU fans whilst maintaining the original radiator. The Project VGA Cooler frames two 120mm Mobius fans that can be attached above a video card radiator. It’s believed that such an upgrade can improve cooling, reduce noise levels, and potentially enhance the overall look of the video card.

Cooler Master is working on two design options—a white and a metallic variant. Additionally, an RGB-lit version will be available at the time of market release. Cooler Master insists that the Project VGA Cooler design will be quieter and more efficient than conventional video card coolers. However, this claim is yet to be substantiated, as fan rotation speeds remain undisclosed.

 Source image: Tom`s Hardware

The specific method of fan connection and the customization options for different GPUs have not been clarified by Cooler Master. It is likely that the Project VGA Cooler will feature an external power supply and fan control system. Some cards might need to be completely disassembled for new fan installation.

 Source image: Overclock3D

The idea of substituting fan casings on video cards is not new and has been considered by several companies over time. However, a commercial success has been elusive. Cooler Master, an industry heavyweight, might potentially be the trailblazer in this domain.

 Source image: ThinkComputers

Interestingly, this is not Cooler Master’s first attempt at cooling powerful GPUs with dual fans. Last year, a prototype of a large cooler, supposedly based on the RTX 4090 video card from PNY, was shown but never made it to the market.

 Source image: BenchLife

Before launch, the Project VGA Cooler will be rebranded. Currently, Cooler Master plans to release their device at the start of the Computex Expo in June 2024, at a price point around $40 (presumably for the casing only, excluding fans).

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