Corsair Offers “Fast” Screws for Fan Mounting – They Screw in with One Turn

Corsair Debuts Rapid-screws for Fast Fan Attachment

In the field of computer assembly, little has changed over the past 30 years despite evolving standards. However, Corsair aims to simplify the process with the introduction of rapid-screws. These fasteners can be screwed into a fan’s plastic frame in just one turn of a screwdriver.

Testing at CES 2024

The new screws underwent a test at CES 2024 with Corsair’s iCue Link RX120 RGB fans, courtesy of a Tom’s Hardware journalist. A Corsair representative confirmed that these fans will not yet ship with the rapid-screws, rather, the screws will likely accompany casings that will only hit the market no earlier than April. The advanced screws feature a wider thread pitch, enabling full penetration of the fan’s orifice in a single turn.

Rapid-screws from Corsair

Performance of the Rapid-Screws

The rapid-screws continue to demand a fair share of force as their threads still cut into the plastic. The reduced thread rotation may denote weaker attachment within the orifices compared to traditional screws. However, the fans appear to sit solidly on them. Corsair highlighted that the wider thread reduces wear on fan holes during removal and re-installation.

Demonstration of Rapid-screws insertion

The reviewer concluded that while these screws won’t revolutionize the field of PC assembly, they perform their duty commendably. These are indeed easier to install and remove compared to their traditional counterparts that have been globally used for decades. This small but appreciated optimization is something users would want to use repeatedly. Moreover, Corsair intends to sell these screws separately in the future.

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