Coverage from 1stplayer Stand at Computex 2024: Casings, Liquid Cooling Systems, and Power Supply Units

At the Computex 2024 event in Taipei, Taiwan, 1stplayer unveiled a series of innovative products including new power supply units, liquid cooling systems, and a range of computer cases. Embracing modern trends, the company presented several designs which feature glass panels at the front and side without a pillar in between, offering an expansive view of the system interior.

## Compact Desktop Solutions

1stplayer presented the UV5 and UV6 cases for enthusiasts of relatively compact desktop systems. The UV6 model is slightly larger by 68mm in length. Both cases, made of steel and tempered glass, are vertically divided into two sections thus conveniently hiding the power supply, cables, and drives.

The compact 1stplayer UV5 computer case

The UV series cases can accommodate motherboards of up to Micro-ATX size and CPU coolers up to 157mm in height. The UV5 supports four-slot GPUs as long as 330mm and one 240mm liquid cooling radiator with up to seven 120mm fans. Meanwhile, the UV6 can house two additional fans, GPUs as long as 400mm, and liquid cooling radiators up to 360mm.

Display of the new 1stplayer RT7 model

## Transparent Casings

1stplayer also displayed similar RT5 and RT7 casings, unique due to their transparent front, side, and top panels. In terms of size, the RT7 is larger in both length and width. The RT5 and RT7 also include small displays to show system information.

Showcase of the 1stplayer Mi5 tower casing

## Tower Casings

1stplayer also brought traditional ‘tower’ designs to the exhibition, such as the Mi5 case. This model, which can hold Micro-ATX boards, CPU coolers up to 165mm high, and huge GPUs up to 420mm long, permits the installation of up to nine 120mm fans, and liquid cooling radiators up to 360mm.

The unique design of the 1stplayer AY7 case

The AY7 case from 1stplayer stands out with its unique front panel design and improved ventilation system. The case supports full-size ATX boards, CPU coolers up to 185mm tall, and GPUs of up to 340mm in length.

## Liquid Cooling Systems

Besides, 1stplayer unveiled several models of maintenance-free liquid cooling systems at Computex 2024, including the X-360, TS2 360, and CC360. All equipped with 360mm radiators and adorned with customizable RGB lighting, which is featured both on the fans and the pump.

## Power Supply Units

The company also exhibited several new NGDP series power supply units. These models, advanced and up-to-date, conform to ATX 3.1 and PCIe 5.1 standards. Ranging from 750W to 1300W, these power supplies follow a fully modular cable connection scheme and also feature high-quality Japanese capacitors resilient up to 105°C.

## Concluding Remarks

All these featured products underline 1stplayer’s commitment to providing advanced and innovative solutions to desktop computing. Whether it’s the aesthetically pleasing and efficient casings, powerful and reliable power supply units, or the beating cooling solutions – the offerings ensure an optimum computing experience.

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