Coverage from HAVN Stand at Computex 2024: Spacious High-End PC Cases Showcased

Debuting at Computex 2024, new premium PC and component brand HAVN was unveiled by the Pro Gamersware (PGW) consortium, which includes well-known desktop computer component manufacturer AeroCool amongst its members.

HAVN’s Introduces Advanced Hybrid Structure with Debut Product: HAVN HS420 Case

After two years of development, HAVN has unveiled the HAVN HS420 case for desktop computers at Computex 2024, along with a version called HS420 VGPU. The HS420 model stands out with its unique hybrid structure, providing great ventilation to allow a large volume of air through the housing. This new hardware is segmented into two compartments and offers a full panoramic view while maintaining mid-tower format dimensions. The casing is engineered to support the most powerful fans and cooling systems on the market, allowing it to accommodate 11 fans with a diameter of 120 or 140 mm.

HAVN's HS420 computer casing at Computex 2024
Inside view of the HAVN's HS420 computer casing

HS420 Case Specifications

The HS420 case supports E-ATX (up to 277mm wide), ATX, M-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboard installations. It allows for the installation of CPU coolers up to 185 mm tall, video cards up to 480 mm long, and power supply units up to 220 mm long. The HS420 also features slots for four 3.5-inch drives or eight 2.5-inch drives.

Close-up of the HS420 case's inside detailing

The HAVN's HS420 computer case at the Company's Computex 2024 booth

HS420 VGPU Version Features

The HS420 VGPU case version offers an angled lower fan bracket and a glass flow guide, both components part of a Vertical GPU Kit, that facilitates vertical video card installation. This version also includes a PCIe 5.0 riser to connect the accelerator.

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