Crucial to Release 12 GB SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory Modules for Laptops

In a recent development, Crucial plans to roll out 12 GB SO-DIMM DDR5 memory modules, catering primarily for laptops—a non-standard capacity within the industry. The unexpected advanced product was spotted in the Amazon database.

Evolution of DDR5 RAM Modules

Initially, DDR5 RAM modules were manufactured in three capacities: 8, 16, and 32 GB. However, a year after their release, Intel and AMD included support for 24 and 48 GB memory modules in their updated platforms. Manufacturers have recently begun to produce larger 64 GB RAM modules catering to enthusiasts. This has expanded the capacity of a standard home system to incorporate 256 GB of RAM. The market will soon welcome a new addition – 12 GB memory modules. However, this pertains exclusively to SO-DIMM modules for laptops and compact PCs that support this type of RAM.

A sample picture of memory modules

Crucial’s Novel Memory Modules

Crucial aims to be the first to release these uncommonly sized modules. The company plans to offer 12 GB memory modules, running at frequencies of 4800 and 5200 MHz. These new modules will be available either as standalone pieces or part of dual-channel kits.

Pricing Details and Availability

According to information from Amazon’s UK division, a standalone Crucial 12 GB DDR5-5600 (CT12G56C46S5) memory module will retail for 45 British pounds. The 24 GB kit comprising two 12 GB DDR5-5600 (CT2K12G56C46S5) modules is priced at 88 British pounds.

Based on data from Amazon, deliveries of the 12 GB Crucial memory modules are expected to commence from March 31.

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