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ActiveSync With Outlook 2003

Hi, I am trying to configure a H3700 iPAQ with some difficuly. I’ve managed to sync this palm with his office outlook 2003 and everything is working except that it does not remember what it has synchronised before. Everytime it is plugged in, it would detect that the entire inbox and calendar have never synchronised before and proceeds to do so. (even when it has) This only happens on the Inbox and Calendar. The contacts, tasks and files are all remembered. Any ideas what is causing this would be grately appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Welcome to Dave’s Ipaq. This seems very strange that it is happening just on the Inbox and Calendar while it’s not happening on the other items. It might seem that maybe somethig else is going on that is affecting this OUTLOOK info.


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You might try deleting the partnership and setting it up again. Wouldn’t hurt to soft reset the pda, too. Next step would be to remove AS and reinstall.

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