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ipaq 1910

is there a way to put a picture from my digital camera onto my home page screen?

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Yes, you can copy the photo over to your IPAQ either by putting it in the Sync Folder or by a straight copy while IPAQ is connected. While IPAQ is connected, go to My Computer, then double-click on Mobile Device – in there you will see a folder called ‘My Pictures’. You can use this folder to copy to or you can create a new one. If you want to copy to a storage card instead of main memory, then double-click on Pocket PC and then you’ll see your storage card. Now you can just click and drag your photo to a place of your choosing on the IPAQ. Now once it’s on IPAQ…..use File Explorer to locate the file. Now click and Hold on that file. Now you’ll get the option ‘Set as Today Wallpaper’. Before you copy the photo to IPAQ, it’s best to get the file size to below 100KB. Hope this helps. Please ask more if you need clarification.


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Thanks for the help! That was so easy!

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